Monday, May 31, 2010

A Room With a View

So today I skipped the 8am feeding and let the NICU nurses do it. This let me just pump and sleep till noon. After a good 24 hours of only sleeping an hour or so at a time, that was really nice.

At noon though, when the nurse called, she offered to bring them to me! The girls were off their monitors and can now room in with me. So since then they've been here for me to care for on my own. Good thing I got that extra bit of sleep this morning.

So all the sudden, the view from my room has vastly improved:

It's almost midnight and we're doing pretty good. Of course my mom came over here for a while this afternoon and helped with the 3-4pm feeding. And then later Tom came to help with the 10-11pm feeding.

After the last feeding, Tom and I tested each other on whether the twins are identical or not. We always expected they would be fraternal as I was on clomid and that increases your chances of dropping two eggs at once. But each day as they both gain weight, they look more and more identical! So we put them both in matching outfits, put matching hats on them to cover their bows (which is how we've been telling them apart, pink bow for Gabi and yellow bow for Lily). Then we swaddled them in matching blankets and arranged them on the bed while the other one wasn't looking.

Tom failed.

I failed.

Seriously, we had a 50/50 chance of getting it right and we both couldn't get it right! I think we just might have identical twins.

Could you tell them apart?

So now we're thinking of ways to make sure we keep track of who is who. I've had several people mention painting their toenails, or just a dot on each big toe. I'll ask their doctor about that on Friday as I'm not comfortable with that quite yet. Their nails are so porous right now, and there are chemicals in there that might not be safe. So we'll see about that.

Right now all I have are the bows, which I think are genius actually. They've worn the same ones since day 3 or so, and they haven't come off yet. They aren't tied in their hair, instead they're adhered on there with KY Jelly. And of course will wash right off in water. Cool huh. And very cute of course. Along with the bows, we'll be mostly dressing them in different colors too. Right now it's pinks for Gabi and yellows for Lily., We might add in green for Gabi and purple for Lily too.

I'm open for other suggestions though!

But as long as we do well tonight and they show a good weight gain by the next feeding, they'll be coming home tomorrow. Tom and I got them both to take 65 & 60 milliliters each at this last feeding, so around 2am I'll be sending them to the nurse for weighing. We'll see!

I also see the OB for a follow up tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to showing the girls off up there. And then taking them home!


Anonymous said...

Great news!!! Thanks for keeping us up on all new info I cant wait to see them Love you lots Jodi

Anonymous said...

So is it Gabi right and Lily left??? I can't wait to see them this weekend. Love you!

Aunt Liz

L5cents said...

LOL...I always thought that parents could instinctively tell their twins apart and doubted my ability to ever do so. It's nice to know that you need help, too! :)