Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday morning update

Gabi in one of her awake moments:

Lily, finally free of the cannula!

Lily was taken off the cannula, and later the IV, on Tuesday morning. She's so much more comfortable now!

Tuesday night their levels were finally high enough to put them under the bili lights. I think they'll be so much more alert and interested in feeding once their bilirubin levels have been lowered. We'll find out sometime today how long they need to be under the lights, but it's usually at least 24 hours according to the nurse.

And finally, Tuesday I was so tired, and every time I'd hold one baby she'd fall asleep on me and then the other would cry. Then I'd put the sleeping one down and pick up the other baby. She'd fall asleep and then the other would cry. This was my solution:

That's Gabi on the left and Lily on the right.

I only have a moment with wifi this morning in the cafe at the hospital, so I couldn't do much, but I HAD to share this with you:

Finally they're together again. They've been in separate bassinets pretty much since being out of my tummy. I think they're going to love sharing a bed soon!

Ok, so not all in chronological order, and not my most coherent post, but that was Tuesday!


Lisa said...

just love those babies, Beautiful!!

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much for sharing these precious moments, Angela!! I'm welling up the babies are so gorgeous.
Congratulations!!!! Great solution to put them together and the best pictures. Wow are we lucky to share in this happy event.
Suzanne B (Club West)

jodifur said...

they are beautiful

Elizabeth said...

Love the video, they are even cuter in motion-if that's possible!

cathy said...

Those pacifiers ROCK. Matt still uses one of those and he is over 3 years old!

Kandi Ann said...

Lili is so smart. I don't remember ever seeing a wee one that young hold their paci in like that. You and your DH created some beautiful babies.

Anonymous said...

i was reading info on recalled meds and found your post. after reading it the thought of giving my child any medication truley made me cry. if you look back and read your post you might notice the amount of medication you are giving your 4 yr old son. zyrtec daily (which breaks down the renal system), benadryl, whole bottle of tylenol, motrin. im sure you are a wonderful mother and your children are beautiful, but maybe your son could use a more natural aproach. my daughter was in the nicu for 2months. born 11wks premature and now teething. i am now going to try another avenue then all this otc stuff...thank you and god bless