Sunday, February 25, 2007


That's all I have to say today. Ouch.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, OUCH!

Oh, and Ugh. I have to say that too.

I somehow missed setting my alarm for my 1am dose of Lortab last night, and then I slept through my 3am dose of Advil too. So I woke up at 5 something in PAIN! OUCH! I took the Lortab right away and in 21 minutes felt much better. Then I took the Advil at 7am and felt much more human. Phew. But then, guess what? I'm going to run out of Lortab today! Yikes! Tonight I'll just be on Tylenol and Advil and I'm really scared that it's not going to do the job. I really thought I was feeling a lot better, but apparently that's only while I'm ON the medicine. Great. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep tonight or it's going to be a REALLY long night.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Still sore

Well I'm healing I guess. Still on all the pain meds and it's still sore. I go back on Tuesday to see the surgeon and hopefully get the all-clear. I kind of thought I'd be fine by now but I'm still really tender. We'll see how I feel Monday and if I end up going back to work Monday or staying home another day or two. I personally am worried about one of the puncture wounds (they're not really "incisions") because it's kind of open and redder than the others. But Tom says it's fine. Ugh.

Anyway, Tom and Donna went shopping today and picked up two cool toys for Nicky. One is the TMX Elmo. (I have a video of Nicky with it.) And the other is a push/ride toy. Nicky is already good with it and will probably be walking within a week or two at this rate! I have some video of that up also.

Donna also finished one of the valances for the kitchen. They hung it tonight and it looks beautiful! She's just got to finish the other one to go above the sink and they'll hang that one next weekend. Then she's going to make some roman shades for the windows too. It's going to look gorgeous!

I'm off to try to sleep. It hurts to sit very long because the punctures are all right where my waist bends while sitting at the desk. Ouch. Oh, I did take some pictures of the wounds, but I didn't think you'd really want to see them. But if you do let me know! :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

All done!

I'm home and the surgery went just fine. The surgeon told Tom that there were TONS of gallstones in there. Most were very small and so I was passing them all the time. It's good I went ahead and did the surgery.

So now I'm home and resting. I'm on the good drugs now and most of the pain I'm noticing now is probably all the gas they blew me up with for the laparoscopy. They were able to do it all laparoscopically with no stitches or anything!

Call if you want to talk with Tom or I. If I'm sleeping I'm sure Tom will be happy to give you an update.

I'm so glad it's all done!

Surgery time changed

Well I did all my pre-op stuff today. It involved a whole lot of waiting. They moved up the surgery to 12:30pm tomorrow. It was 1pm before so that's not a huge change. The surgeon thought I'd be done and ready to go home within two hours of the surgery being done, so that would be around 3:30 maybe? Hopefully. We got my prescription for the painkillers filled today so I have that all ready to go. I also got a new mask for my cpap machine, so that will be a new fun thing to get used to this week.

We also got our new homeowners insurance policy set up since our old company cancelled us for "fence in need of repair" which isn't even true. Lovely. So a good chunk of our tax return went for that. The rest went to paying off three credit cards (THAT felt SOOO good!) and catching up all around. It's gone now, but we've reduced the amount we have to pay out each month so that is money well spent!

I took three new movies of Nicky tonight and they're up for you. He's turned into a regular little monkey! He will NOT stop climbing and I don't know if it's going to be long before we have to take him out of the crib. Don't worry, he wasn't hurt. (Now you just HAVE to go see the movies!)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flushing toilets, climbing and more teeth coming

I just wanted to put up some updates in general.

First Nicky taught himself how to flush the toilet. I believe he figured this out on Friday morning while I was getting ready to take a shower. It might be time to get one of those toilet lid locks. At least he's not afraid of the toilet though.

Second, Nicky is quickly learning how to climb. The highest he's gotten is to climb up and stand on his rocking chair to reach the windowsill for one of his books we put up there. Tom got a pic of him, but he'd already sat down in the chair:

And Third, his one tooth is coming in nicely but there's another coming in soon. We can see the white of the tooth next to it but it's not up through the gums quite yet we think. I captured some very awful photos of it today.

I think that covers the Nicky updates. He's still trying to talk, but we're not quite there yet. I took a movie today of him playing peekaboo behind his sippy cup and I'm pretty sure he said Dada and Nana among other babbles. You'll have to judge for yourselves.

I'm trying to stay busy and keep my mind off the upcoming surgery. I'll be glad when it's all over. I'll try to update on here so that everyone can check one spot. The surgery starts at 1pm and I'm not sure when we'll be home. JM is staying with Nicky at home that day and Tom will be with me. I'm supposed to be home that same day.

Tom and his mom went shopping today. They brought me some planters and flowers and I spent the afternoon planting. We were going to make them window boxes but we decided it would look better to have longer and thinner ones for the windows so they're just around the front door. It was a fun activity though and brightens up the front stoop.

I also got creative and moved some furniture around. I decided we needed a mail/bill center in the living room so I moved the baker's rack into the living room. It makes more room in the dining room and gives me a spot to sort the mail and organize bills and stuff. Now I just have to actually do the organizing. Aw well it'll keep me busy tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Nicky's holding his own

Bottle that is! Yesterday he decided he could hold his own bottle thank you very much. He first did it in the car on the way to take me to work. Usually I hold it for him, but we were running late and I set his bottle down to put on my makeup. Well he must have really wanted his bottle because he picked it up and put it in all on his own! I guess he's probably been able to hold it for a while, but why try when mom and dad are all too willing to hold it for you? Later that night when I was giving him his last bottle of the day we got it on video. And then I just propped him up on the sofa all cozy and let him feed himself. He was very content and I snapped a few photos. Here's one:

He's growing up so fast!

Now today was our first Valentine's Day with Nicky. Tom came and picked me up and we had a romantic picnic in the park with Nicky. He loves the swings! He'd been here once before, but we didn't have the camera that time. This time we caught him on video! I'll get that uploaded today. We also played on the slide and he thought that was the coolest thing ever! It took both of us (one to hold him on the way down and one to catch him) so we couldn't videotape it. Just trust me when I say he was very cute about it.

Tom also got Nicky a card from the two of us and a Valentine's mylar balloon. He'd been eying the balloons at the store the other day so I thought that would be a fun thing for him to get. Tom also got me a card and a bunch of Reeces cups. I've been craving them like crazy! I've stashed them at work, so now I just have to try to hold off until I get the surgery done next week before I go crazy on them, although I admit I did have one today! YUMMY! No pain from it, so that was very nice too.

I'm a slacker (and never out on my own with money) so I didn't get Tom anything. I did send him an e-card today, but it's not the same. He on the other hand made a fabulous dinner for the two of us! We had tuna steaks, shrimp scampi and lobster tail! Holy cow! I'm sure that would have cost a TON at a restaurant, and it wouldn't have tasted nearly as good either. He's such a wonderful cook! Nicky had one little piece of tuna, but he was so tired from his big day at the park (and skipping his naps today) that he was wiped out and ready for bed early.

All in all a very nice Valentine's day here. I hope you all had a great day too!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby Jail

Well Tom's out of town tonight. He's visiting with his mom and sister. Hopefully having fun.

I took a new picture of Nicky in baby jail. That's him above. That's a new shirt we just got last weekend. It's a size 24 months. My kid is huge. But he's CUTE! See how green his eyes are? It totally seems to depend on what he's wearing. Funny!

I've made some MAJOR progress in getting the house organized. I took everything out of the laundry room (it was a chaotic jumble of tools and stuff) and moved all the boxes that were in the living room (mostly china, books, videos and Christmas stuff) and stacked them in the laundry room. I finally can move around in the living room again! Yay! Of course now I have all the tools all over the kitchen...but I'm too darn sore from moving all those heavy boxes to continue today. And it's late. So that will have to wait. I have some ideas of how and where to store everything except the table saw. That's a darn big thing. I might end up putting it in the living room, but right now it's in the dining room. Lovely.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have a date

Well, not that kind of date.

I have a date for the gall bladder surgery. I go in on February 19th for all the pre-op and hospital registration and then the surgery is the 20th at 1pm. I go in to the hospital at 11:30am and then the surgery takes about an hour. They said I'll probably go home the same day. I hope so. I'm not too worried yet, because it seems like it's a ways off, but there was one thing that freaked me out a bit. I knew it was three small incisions up near the ribs for the laproscopy, but I thought that was one for the gas, one for the camera and one for the instrument. Well apparently it's for the instruments and the gas, but the camera goes through your belly button!!! Yikes! I really am just freaked out whenever I think about that. Eeeww! So I won't think about that today. I'll go crazy if I do. I'll think about it tomorrow. **10 points if you can pinpoint that reference ;)**

Nicky is still his normal cute self. I didn't notice any fussiness today, so hopefully his teeth aren't bugging him. He just looks so cute with his new haircut. I took some movies of him tonight having naked spaghetti. Well, he WAS wearing a bib and a diaper, but nothing else. He gets INTO his spaghetti. :)

Monday, February 05, 2007

First tooth picture

Well, sort of. I can see it, but it's not easy. Nicky wasn't too keen on having photos of his tooth taken as you can see:

But I persevered and this is the result:

Nicky was a little out of sorts over the weekend, so we think he might be getting more soon. How exciting!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Nicky's FIRST haircut!

We finally did it! We took Nicky for his first haircut today. He was really good, but he did NOT appreciate those electric clippers at all! Movies are up!

Of course Since Nicky was getting a cut, Daddy and Mommy had to get one too! So we all got our hair cuts and then went to Target and out to eat. I still haven't managed to get a tooth picture, but maybe tomorrow.

Nicky and Daddy with their haircuts:

Mommy's cut:

Of course, I did save a little of his hair. Now to find out what to put it in to save it...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We have TOOTH!

You heard right! Nicky is finally getting a TOOTH! We're as shocked as anyone. We were starting to research baby dentures, but now I guess we can spend the tax return on something more glamorous.

After Nicky's bath tonight I was able to sneak a peek and sure enough his bottom front left tooth is starting to come through. You can actually feel the top of the tooth if you move your finger side to side on his gums there. I can't believe it! It must have been the steak I gave him for dinner. ;)

I had to put him down for bed, but as soon as I can I'll get a picture up here. Should be sometime this weekend.

How exciting! A tooth!