Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baby Jail

Well Tom's out of town tonight. He's visiting with his mom and sister. Hopefully having fun.

I took a new picture of Nicky in baby jail. That's him above. That's a new shirt we just got last weekend. It's a size 24 months. My kid is huge. But he's CUTE! See how green his eyes are? It totally seems to depend on what he's wearing. Funny!

I've made some MAJOR progress in getting the house organized. I took everything out of the laundry room (it was a chaotic jumble of tools and stuff) and moved all the boxes that were in the living room (mostly china, books, videos and Christmas stuff) and stacked them in the laundry room. I finally can move around in the living room again! Yay! Of course now I have all the tools all over the kitchen...but I'm too darn sore from moving all those heavy boxes to continue today. And it's late. So that will have to wait. I have some ideas of how and where to store everything except the table saw. That's a darn big thing. I might end up putting it in the living room, but right now it's in the dining room. Lovely.


Anonymous said...

Angie! Nicky is so beautiful! Wish I could be up there this weekend to help you with the house etc. I should be up pretty soon I think.
Just enjoy Nicky and don't move anything heavy, please! ok?
Love you xxxoooMom:) I will call you and Nicky tomorrow.