Saturday, February 24, 2007

Still sore

Well I'm healing I guess. Still on all the pain meds and it's still sore. I go back on Tuesday to see the surgeon and hopefully get the all-clear. I kind of thought I'd be fine by now but I'm still really tender. We'll see how I feel Monday and if I end up going back to work Monday or staying home another day or two. I personally am worried about one of the puncture wounds (they're not really "incisions") because it's kind of open and redder than the others. But Tom says it's fine. Ugh.

Anyway, Tom and Donna went shopping today and picked up two cool toys for Nicky. One is the TMX Elmo. (I have a video of Nicky with it.) And the other is a push/ride toy. Nicky is already good with it and will probably be walking within a week or two at this rate! I have some video of that up also.

Donna also finished one of the valances for the kitchen. They hung it tonight and it looks beautiful! She's just got to finish the other one to go above the sink and they'll hang that one next weekend. Then she's going to make some roman shades for the windows too. It's going to look gorgeous!

I'm off to try to sleep. It hurts to sit very long because the punctures are all right where my waist bends while sitting at the desk. Ouch. Oh, I did take some pictures of the wounds, but I didn't think you'd really want to see them. But if you do let me know! :)