Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The 6 week Post Partum visit

Well lookey here! Two posts in one day! I forgot to mention my doctor's visit yesterday evening. I'd been having some weird pain and they had me come in Tuesday late instead of waiting till Friday. Works for me!

I found out that my iron level is FINALLY normal and I can stop taking the iron. YAY!
My blood pressure is textbook perfect at 120/80. YAY!
AND best of all, I've lost all the baby weight AND an extra 10 pounds on top of that! YAHOO! Now if I can keep that up that would be wonderful! I get to stay on the Metformin, which I'm sure is helping in that department.
I got my prescription for birth control pills, which will help with the PCOS symptoms and hopefully keep my ovaries nice and clear. THEN we can start trying to conceive again in November! :) We'll try for 9 months on our own, just using the metformin and temping to see if I'm ovulating. If it's not working though we'll go back to the doctor for the clomid treatment. I'm so excited! November doesn't seem far away at all! My doctor only thinks I'm a little crazy, but hey, I'm running out of time here! AND heck, I get to go back to work! Tom's the one who'll be home with two babies in diapers. :) And he's fine with it, really.

As for that weird pain, the doctor's worried it could possibly be a hernia, but he doesn't think so yet. Just wants us to keep an eye on it for now. And he's absolutely thrilled at how well I healed at the incision site. Having my own personal nurse paid off. :)

Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, it's back to work I go!

Well we haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but without a camera and new pictures burning a hole in my virtual pocket I'm just not even on the computer hardly at all these days. I'm still keeping up the blog though. I think it's a neat way to keep in touch with everyone at the same time.

Well, Nicky went on his second trip. This was shorter since we only drove to Tampa, but he was still a little angel! He got to visit his Nana and we stayed at her house. He sort of slept a little bit in his snuggle nest between Tom and I, but not very much so I was pretty blitzed by the end of the weekend. Lucky me though, starting Sunday night, since I was returning to work, Tom was the one in charge of all the night feedings! I'm still Nicky's bed of choice and sleep in my recliner with him on me, but at least I don't have to stay awake long when he starts fussing. :) So Nicky had a nice visit with Nana, and then attended his first birthday party! Colin, our godson, turned three officially on April 4th, but they kindly put off the birthday bash until Nicky was old enough to attend. Nicky mostly slept through the festivities, but he was still a big hit. I don't think the birthday boy was jealous though. He informed us all that he "likes him." And the huge mountain of presents seemed to keep him pretty busy too. :)

As I mentioned above, I started back to work on Monday. I'm working in the office on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and working from home on Tuesday and Thursday. I'll keep this schedule for a few weeks (read: as long as I possibly can!) so that the transition back to work isn't too hard. I'm so happy to be back though! Man was I getting bored! Tom is an absolute dream Daddy though and I'm feeling so lucky that he's able to be home with Nicky. Everytime I even imagine having to have Nicky in daycare I get freaked out! How do people do it?? I've just got to make enough money to keep Tom at home and that will be wonderful! I don't worry about Nicky at all, even though I'm so ready to hold him for a few hours when I get home.

Anyway, if Gayle sends me a photo from the birthday party I'll post it. Otherwise I'll just have to either find that darn camera or go buy one! This is crazy!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Quite the little traveler!

Well that was a long stretch without a post, but we were out of town for most of last week. My Grandmother passed away and with me on leave, Nicky 3 weeks old, and Tom's folks close by and willing to watch the pups it seemed this was our best chance to visit with my mom's family for quite a while. So even though Nicky is still pretty little, we took the trip!

Monday we left and drove 4 hours south to my sister and mom's house. We only stopped once to change and feed Nicky and he slept the entire way! We spent Monday night at Liz's house and Liz, Jodi and my mom had a great time with Nicky. If Jodi will remember to send me the photos she took I'll post them. (By the way Liz, I think we might have left our camera there. Oops!)

Tuesday was the funeral down in Stuart. That was about a 2 hour drive or so. Nicky again slept the whole way and was so good! We had to feed him as soon as we arrived at my aunt's house, but we caught up again with everyone at the church only about 10 minutes late. Nicky was really great in the church too, although I'm not sure he cared for the organ music much. It was making him jump in his sleep. At the reception afterwards everyone was very complementary about Nicky. (Even though he had baby acne pretty bad, poor guy!) Tom and I held him most of the time to minimize any germs, and it seems to have worked! He's still well! Phew! That was a risk we knew we'd be taking by exposing him to so many people so early, but we hoped by limiting his physical contact with people we'd avoid it. We were lucky I'm sure! It was great seeing my cousins and family. I don't get to see my family very often with them living 6 hours away. Everyone seemed pretty surprised that I could function so well only 3 weeks after my c-section. I guess they were expecting me to be bedridden or something. I was a bit sore after all the traveling, but not too bad. I didn't need pain meds or anything. :) This bodes well for my return to work next week.

Wednesday we were planning to go to the interment in Orlando, but decided against it. Tom and I were just exhausted, and even though I was trying to do all the night stuff so Tom could sleep, he is such a light sleeper he woke up anyway. I did discover that sleeping in the recliner with Nicky on my chest got me much more sleep though! And when we came home that was the first thing I did! Bought a rocker recliner to sleep in. I miss my bed, but getting 2-3 hours of uninterrupted sleep at a time is SOOOO nice!
Thursday Tom and I drove back home. Again Nicky slept most of the way. He was a great little traveler for his first big trip!! Next we go to Tampa for my godson Colin's third birthday party! That's only a two hour trip, so that should be cake for my seasoned traveler!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

The last bottle...

The last 2 days I pumped like a fiend, every 1.5-3 hours for 15 minutes each to try to get my supply up, but am down to 10-15ml total for both sides each session. I still can't get Nicky to latch on. And apparently it is not yet possible for me to get out of the house in the morning yet to go anywhere so I missed both the LC luncheon on tuesday and the LLL meeting this morning. So I finally gave Nicky the last bottle of expressed milk today (the one that took about 24-48 hours to fill).

I am really disappointed that breastfeeding was so difficult for us, and I'm really hoping I can line up a better support system for it next time (like actually GO to LLL meetings Before the birth). But I'm also not too upset over my decision. He got all the initial colostrum and all I could pump for those first 3 weeks. That will just have to do.

Friday, April 07, 2006

He's getting bigger everyday! Even without nursing...

Well, we still haven't figured out the nursing thing. Nicky and I managed to get him latched on both sides on Tuesday one time using the football hold, but it was a bad latch since it hurt. I figure bad is better than none, but we weren't able to do it again. For whatever reason he just squirms and cries most of the time. I guess I must be positioning him wrong somehow. Poor guy.

I'm going to the LaLeche League meeting in Gainesville on Saturday morning though. Hopefully I can get help there. If we can figure out the nursing thing that would be great! But if not, then I'm quitting pumping and moving to formula. I hate to do it, but pumping is no fun at all! I'm not getting any real satisfaction from it I'm afraid. Hooking up to the torture device while Tom feeds Nicky is not my idea of fun. In fact it's downright lonely. We'll give the LLL a try and hopefully that will work. There must be a position thing I'm missing or something. Surely we can make this work!

In the meantime I'm just loving on my sweet little boy! Look at that smile! It's going to be even better when he does that on purpose! :)
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