Friday, April 07, 2006

He's getting bigger everyday! Even without nursing...

Well, we still haven't figured out the nursing thing. Nicky and I managed to get him latched on both sides on Tuesday one time using the football hold, but it was a bad latch since it hurt. I figure bad is better than none, but we weren't able to do it again. For whatever reason he just squirms and cries most of the time. I guess I must be positioning him wrong somehow. Poor guy.

I'm going to the LaLeche League meeting in Gainesville on Saturday morning though. Hopefully I can get help there. If we can figure out the nursing thing that would be great! But if not, then I'm quitting pumping and moving to formula. I hate to do it, but pumping is no fun at all! I'm not getting any real satisfaction from it I'm afraid. Hooking up to the torture device while Tom feeds Nicky is not my idea of fun. In fact it's downright lonely. We'll give the LLL a try and hopefully that will work. There must be a position thing I'm missing or something. Surely we can make this work!

In the meantime I'm just loving on my sweet little boy! Look at that smile! It's going to be even better when he does that on purpose! :)
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