Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We Done Did Disney

disney,Epcot,bus ride

Our Disney trip is finally done and boy are my feet tired. I'll get up the energy for a play by play soon. But I did finally get the photos uploaded along with one adorable movie of Nicky meeting Handy Manny.

Nicky had a wonderful, magical time. He met Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Handy Manny. I took photos, his Grandma took photos, and his Nana took photos. I'll share some of theirs as soon as I get them. In the meantime, feast your eyes on this cutie...

Meeting Mickey and Minnie:
disney,Magic Kingdom,Characters

Meeting Goofy:
disney,Magic Kingdom,Characters

And my favorite, Meeting Manny:

And with all the long car rides, waiting in lines, riding buses and boats with no potties, walking all over the parks, sleeping in a hotel bed, totally screwing up his schedule and diet...we had zero accidents. This boy is done with diapers for good. And I couldn't be any prouder of him. He was a really good boy the entire trip. Very few meltdowns and each was pretty easy to get him out of (and could totally be chalked up to over-stimulation of an exhausted, sugared up boy).

Oh, and meet his new best friend:

More photos over here.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Three Dry Nights

That's now three dry nights, the last two in underwear. I think my boy is DONE with diapers!

So what are we gonna do now?

We're going to Disney World!

Really! We're going this Thursday after work, staying at the Fort Wilderness Lodge and then we have park hopper tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We went ahead and got the meal plan too so we don't have to worry about food much. And we already made reservations for dinners too.

I'm so excited!

Nicky's Nana is coming with us and his Grandma and Grandpa are going to meet us there Thursday and go with us Friday. I can't wait to see the new Animal Kingdom. And of course I can't wait to see Nicky when he first sees the Magic Kingdom. He's already getting excited about it.

Now I just need a map that shows every single restroom on it. We did have two accidents yesterday morning. One when he was too busy eating breakfast and just forgot. And one while he was playing in his room and forgot. But then we just changed and Nicky and I left the house around 12:30. We first stopped at a gas station because Nicky said he had to go potty. He didn't end up going though, but he tried. We went ahead and pumped gas there too (they were more expensive, but they had REALLY nice restrooms and so I threw business their way and told them why). Then we had lunch at Sonny's bbq and Nicky did go potty there.

Then we went for a haircut! We'd talked the night before about it, and he said he wanted to get one. I took him to the same place that did his first haircut. He let the lady do the trimmers around the sides to cut off a lot of the hair, but started getting squirmy when she was doing the scissors. And then just was not going to let her do the trimming around the ears and neck at all. So he's still a little woolly around the edges, but I'll do that in bits at home later. It looks very nice! (And it's not shaved.) I'll take a photo for you soon.

Then we went to the playground because the weather was still holding. It looked like rain, but it wasn't coming down yet, and he'd been cooped up indoors just about every day for 3 weeks with all the rain we've had, even at school where they usually get to go outside a lot.

It was hot, but the park has some shade from nice tall pines and Nicky had a ball running around with the other kids. We stayed for about 2 hours I think. We walked to the restrooms that were FAR away from the playground, but Nicky didn't go there. He did try though. We also found out they have a big pool with a huge waterslide. We watched through the fence and Nicky was very interested. I think we'll have fun at the pool Thursday night at the lodge. We really must get Nicky into swimming lessons this summer. It's definitely time!

So then we headed home and stopped at the grocery store on the way. Nicky tried twice to go potty there, but no go. He waited till we got home and then went in the little potty. He's doing so good! I'm so proud of him!

He started his new class today. He was the 5th kid there this morning and we met the other teacher. Nicky didn't cry at all, he looked happy when we left. He's growing up so fast.

Good thing he still enjoys being rocked to sleep at night. I'm not quite ready for him to be totally independent!

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I think we're nearly there!

Nicky went all day Friday, his last day of school in the 2 year old class, in underwear. He went potty at school and at home, all by himself. Actually he greatly prefers taking care of all this himself, and at home he'll go in either the bathroom or his room (where the little potty is in his closet behind the bedroom door) and close the door to do his business.

He's very private about it, which is kind of funny since Tom and I haven't ever been the type to close the door unless we have company. In our second apartment we actually took the bathroom door in the master suite off the hinges and stored it because we just didn't need it.

Saturday Nicky woke up dry in his pullup and then wore underwear all day. We went to my weightwatchers meeting, to the bank, to pay a bill, had lunch at Applebees and then went to the grocery store before finally coming home around 2pm. We went in the potty at the meeting, but he didn't have to go. Then we went again at Applebees and he went in the big public potty! First time ever! And then we tried at the grocery store but he didn't have to go.

When we got home he continued staying dry and went poop a few times too. Sometimes he'd go in his room and then either come tell me he went or he'd empty the pot himself and then tell me. Sometimes he'd just go put his potty seat on the big potty and go there. I still have to remind him to wash his hands, but I think he's really getting this!

Tonight we went ahead and put him to bed with just underwear on. He starts his new class Monday. It's a multiage class of 3-5 year olds. I talked with the new teacher on Friday and she asked if I minded if she didn't use the pullup at naptime. (We've been sending him in underwear over a pullup since Monday.) I said sure. I really think he's ready and she's right that it might just confuse him to have it be ok to pee in the pullup sometimes and then sometimes go in the potty. If he ends up having trouble staying dry at naps or nighttime we'll use a pullup of course. But at school he's been waking up dry and some mornings he's dry. I plan to just go in and take him to the potty before I go to bed at night. That might be all he needs to make nighttimes successful. We'll see.

I'm so excited we soon won't have to buy diapers anymore! Our boy is growing up!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

About time for an update

You'd think I'd be ready to post about how I'm over being sick. You'd be wrong though.

Still coughing. Still trying to get a nebulizer. I called the medical equipment place today and have them working on it from their end too now. So maybe the doctor's office and the equipment place will meet somewhere in the middle and I could actually get one at some point. Or maybe all hell will break loose and I'll end up with two. Whatever works.

I also called my doctor's office today to get a prescription for a cough suppressant since I've been up at night coughing the last two nights. And then I called the pharmacy after work to make sure it was in... nope. Nothing called in. Super. Does vodka suppress coughs? Huh, it'd be funnier if I actually owned vodka I guess. I think the strongest thing in our house is some of that Arbor Mist stuff. But it's too many points to drink.

Speaking of points, I have been doing really well on the WW thing. I was too sick to go to the Saturday meeting, but I had Tom drive me by there Monday after work just to weigh in and... Lost another 3.8 pounds! That's over 13 pounds in 4 weeks. Nice. Two more and I'll be at 5% lost. I can do this.

Nicky went for his follow up with the allergist on Monday. His coughing is not improving with the Nasonex. I actually woke up early Monday morning from hearing him cough. That got the doctor's attention and he realized that I'm not saying he's coughing occasionally. He's coughing a lot. The allergist thinks it might be asthma. The same kind I had which doesn't create a wheezing but has a lot of coughing. So Nicky now has an inhaler. He's very good about doing it. I think he appreciates a medicine that doesn't taste crappy. He still does the Nasonex, but only a half dose compared to what he was doing. And he's still taking the Zyrtec. That does stop the runny nose, but not the cough. We go back in another two weeks for a follow up.

I finally set up an allergist appointment for myself too. I go in next Tuesday and Thursday for testing. I thought maybe I could do it all in one day like Nicky did, but apparently for Nicky they did 20 sticks and for me they'll be doing 60. That's a lot of poking. I think we'll stick to the two days. The funny thing is that my second test will be the morning of the day we leave for Disney. HA! I better not have a bad reaction!

Tomorrow night is my sleep study titration too. I played with my machine and bumped it up a few spots and it seems to be working better. It will be interesting to see what the titration shows as being the right level. I just hope my being sick doesn't mess it all up! It's hard to sleep when you're coughing.

And that brings us to the end of this Special Mott-Edition of HealthWatch.

Next post: Trying to get my 3 year old potty trained and sleep-trained.