Sunday, June 07, 2009

I think we're nearly there!

Nicky went all day Friday, his last day of school in the 2 year old class, in underwear. He went potty at school and at home, all by himself. Actually he greatly prefers taking care of all this himself, and at home he'll go in either the bathroom or his room (where the little potty is in his closet behind the bedroom door) and close the door to do his business.

He's very private about it, which is kind of funny since Tom and I haven't ever been the type to close the door unless we have company. In our second apartment we actually took the bathroom door in the master suite off the hinges and stored it because we just didn't need it.

Saturday Nicky woke up dry in his pullup and then wore underwear all day. We went to my weightwatchers meeting, to the bank, to pay a bill, had lunch at Applebees and then went to the grocery store before finally coming home around 2pm. We went in the potty at the meeting, but he didn't have to go. Then we went again at Applebees and he went in the big public potty! First time ever! And then we tried at the grocery store but he didn't have to go.

When we got home he continued staying dry and went poop a few times too. Sometimes he'd go in his room and then either come tell me he went or he'd empty the pot himself and then tell me. Sometimes he'd just go put his potty seat on the big potty and go there. I still have to remind him to wash his hands, but I think he's really getting this!

Tonight we went ahead and put him to bed with just underwear on. He starts his new class Monday. It's a multiage class of 3-5 year olds. I talked with the new teacher on Friday and she asked if I minded if she didn't use the pullup at naptime. (We've been sending him in underwear over a pullup since Monday.) I said sure. I really think he's ready and she's right that it might just confuse him to have it be ok to pee in the pullup sometimes and then sometimes go in the potty. If he ends up having trouble staying dry at naps or nighttime we'll use a pullup of course. But at school he's been waking up dry and some mornings he's dry. I plan to just go in and take him to the potty before I go to bed at night. That might be all he needs to make nighttimes successful. We'll see.

I'm so excited we soon won't have to buy diapers anymore! Our boy is growing up!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!! Blessings and joy in
abundance are flowing your way, Dear Ones!
Love you bunches and bunches!!!
xxxoooMom/Grammie :)