Tuesday, June 02, 2009

About time for an update

You'd think I'd be ready to post about how I'm over being sick. You'd be wrong though.

Still coughing. Still trying to get a nebulizer. I called the medical equipment place today and have them working on it from their end too now. So maybe the doctor's office and the equipment place will meet somewhere in the middle and I could actually get one at some point. Or maybe all hell will break loose and I'll end up with two. Whatever works.

I also called my doctor's office today to get a prescription for a cough suppressant since I've been up at night coughing the last two nights. And then I called the pharmacy after work to make sure it was in... nope. Nothing called in. Super. Does vodka suppress coughs? Huh, it'd be funnier if I actually owned vodka I guess. I think the strongest thing in our house is some of that Arbor Mist stuff. But it's too many points to drink.

Speaking of points, I have been doing really well on the WW thing. I was too sick to go to the Saturday meeting, but I had Tom drive me by there Monday after work just to weigh in and... Lost another 3.8 pounds! That's over 13 pounds in 4 weeks. Nice. Two more and I'll be at 5% lost. I can do this.

Nicky went for his follow up with the allergist on Monday. His coughing is not improving with the Nasonex. I actually woke up early Monday morning from hearing him cough. That got the doctor's attention and he realized that I'm not saying he's coughing occasionally. He's coughing a lot. The allergist thinks it might be asthma. The same kind I had which doesn't create a wheezing but has a lot of coughing. So Nicky now has an inhaler. He's very good about doing it. I think he appreciates a medicine that doesn't taste crappy. He still does the Nasonex, but only a half dose compared to what he was doing. And he's still taking the Zyrtec. That does stop the runny nose, but not the cough. We go back in another two weeks for a follow up.

I finally set up an allergist appointment for myself too. I go in next Tuesday and Thursday for testing. I thought maybe I could do it all in one day like Nicky did, but apparently for Nicky they did 20 sticks and for me they'll be doing 60. That's a lot of poking. I think we'll stick to the two days. The funny thing is that my second test will be the morning of the day we leave for Disney. HA! I better not have a bad reaction!

Tomorrow night is my sleep study titration too. I played with my machine and bumped it up a few spots and it seems to be working better. It will be interesting to see what the titration shows as being the right level. I just hope my being sick doesn't mess it all up! It's hard to sleep when you're coughing.

And that brings us to the end of this Special Mott-Edition of HealthWatch.

Next post: Trying to get my 3 year old potty trained and sleep-trained.