Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ok, just one more video

All smiles from the girls. Especially for their daddy.

Two Talkers

Ok, I'm tired, it's late and I still need to feed the girls once more tonight. But I've been trying to get a few photos and movies up for you guys. And this is the only time I can do it.

So skipping the story and moving straight to the good stuff...

Lily and Gabi are over 3 months old already. They're getting really good at sitting up supported, and we try to put them in their exersaucer/jumperoo things a little everyday so they can work on those muscles. They surely prefer that to tummy time! Tummy time is actually just Screamy time around here so we're not very good about making them do it.

But here they are in their upright gizmos. Their big brother likes showing them how to use the toys:
Exercise time

Gabi likes the sun toy on the exersaucer:
Gabi in the exersaucer

Lily likes the Jumperoo:
Lily in the jumperoo

The other fun development is that over about the last week they've really started smiling and talking at the flowers hanging over their crib. Tom puts them in there to converse with the flowers a bit each day and they love it! We took some movies of them Sunday.

Here's Gabi:

And Lily:

A little more of Lily. You just can't get enough of those smiles, I know:

So we're doing ok here. It's busy, and insane actually, but we're all having a good time and Nicky absolutely adores his sisters.

Sunday while I was making brunch:
Sunday morning with Momma

Nicky feeding Gabi:
Nicky feeding Gabi

And Lily smiling at the flowers:
Lily smiling at the flowers