Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mystery Photos Found!

So while I was slaving away at work on Monday, my mom, husband and sisters were all playing "photograph the baby." Liz was wondering where those photos were and Tom had forgotten all about putting them on the computer, as well as where on the computer they were.

But once he remembered, along with my mad searching skillz, I was able to locate the photos and have uploaded the vast majority of them to the photobucket account. Enjoy! I must now go drool after these new photos for a few more minutes, imagining all the fun I missed, and then head off to bed.

And to Liz, who is off at her retreat starting today, we love you!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

More teeth this week!

Mid week I was in the car with Nicky, Tom and Jessie, guess it was Wednesday, and I was in the backseat with Nicky. I was feeding him little bits of "cookie" (which is actually a fruit&cereal bar) and noticed something large and white in his mouth. I waited till we got home to get a good look, because I've learned my lesson about sticking my fingers in there, and it's true! He has TWO new molars on the bottom! One on each side. They're nearly all the way in too.

I guess that's the reason he's had a few whiny days lately. We thought it might have been teeth, but hadn't seen a thing. I guess we thought he'd get more of the front teeth first. He still only has the two bottom center teeth other than the new molars. So now we're all the sudden up to having 8 teeth. With how whiny he was this evening it wouldn't surprise me if he was working on more though. I put on some Baby Orajel, just in case, but he had a rough evening anyway. Tom's at church, and I think Nicky missed him too.

I have managed to take a few more photos, but I'm having a hard time getting the hang of this camera so a lot are fuzzy. Sorry Liz! We actually went to the park Saturday and I took the camera with me to specifically take photos of him doing something other than climbing on me to get the camera. But I totally forgot it and left it in the car the whole time. Aw well. Next time I'll do better!

Nicky did have a lot of fun at the park though. There were tons of people there, although not really any for him to interact with much. Mostly they were older. I think there were 3 birthday parties there. He liked the swing, but wasn't into staying there very long. He mostly wanted to wander around and look at everything and say "hi" to everyone. My little extrovert!

He did enjoy the slides, but I think the most fun was taking a little branch with pine needles still on it and sweeping the ground and dusting the tree trunks. We've got to start getting him outside more! Poor kid is amazed by plants and bugs and dirt, but hardly gets any exposure. Hopefully once it cools off a bit outside we can do more outside stuff. Even at the park we only could stay about 30 minutes. It was so hot! It wasn't even really sunny, but the heat and humidity had us all about to pass out, even with water.

But soon it will cool down and we can go out and dig in the dirt. He did get to sit with me by the front stoop about a week ago while Tom and Donna were at the store. He just stayed right there and dug a hole with one hand and kept filling and emptying a flowerpot with dirt from the hole. He had so much fun! AND he was sooo dirty when Daddy drove up! :) Good dirty fun though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A rock and a hard place

Oh I'd been thinking of waiting for a while, you know, lose weight, get more financially stable, finish up projects around the house, etc. But here's the thing, even though you and I both KNOW I'm only 29 (right? RIGHT?) something about being born in 1973 is going to very soon impact my being a higher risk pregnancy if I wait much longer.

Apparently time doesn't actually stand still, even though I've conveniently brainwashed myself to really believe I AM still 29 (and I have). So here's this rock (needing to have time to get things "ready" to try for another baby) and this hard place (reaching some magic number when you subtract my 1973 from the current year), and here I am right stuck right between them.

So a decision had to be made.

And finally, after consulting the Magic 8 Ball, I’ve made a big decision.

Transcript of Magic 8 Ball consultation session

Question: Should I continue taking the pill for the next cycle?
Answer: Maybe

Question: Should I stop taking the pill after this pack runs out?
Answer: Definitely

Question: Will I be able to get pregnant within the first three cycles after stopping the pill?
Answer: Absolutely!

That sounds pretty good to me.

So I've decided to stop taking the pill after I finish this pack. I won’t see the doctor for a few weeks, but hopefully if necessary I can just bring on a cycle with progesterone and then do the met/clomid thingy. Or just get pregnant on the first cycle by just relaxing, cause you know that works so well. (Please notice the sarcasm here.)

So I won't have lost 100 pounds, and I won't be financially set for life, and I won't have the house completely perfectly done...

Meh, whatever.

The important thing to me right now is that Nicky have at least one sibling to grow up with (hopefully two eventually). And I'm pretty sure that finances will always be tight, there will always be stuff needing to be fixed or improved around the house, and I'll always have to be trying to eat less and exercise more. Waiting till everything else is perfect just isn't really realistic if what we really want is another baby. So we'll just throw caution to the wind and see what happens.

Well, we would if it was that easy for us.

Instead, we'll throw caution to the winds, meet with a bunch of doctors, start a carefully designed regimen of drugs, blood tests, gathering fertility data and raid the local Dollar Tree stores for heaping handfuls of pregnancy tests. Next session with the Magic 8 Ball: Should I invest in a new basal thermometer...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

New words this week

Well we had three new words over the last week. While in the grocery store, Tom went to the bakery to get Nicky a cookie. It was a yummy chocolate chip cookie. Rather than let Nicky feed himself and make a mess, Tom was feeding him one bite at a time. He'd hold up a piece and ask "Nicky do you want more cookie?" Pretty soon Nicky started saying "cookie!"

Later on at dinner when Nicky saw the grapes he said "Grape!" although it sounds a lot like "gape" right now. He's been eating a lot of grapes lately (cut in half of course) and loves them better than bananas lately.

And he will say "Bobo" which is our dog Benjamin's nickname that use all the time.

So three new words! Not a word explosion yet, but a good start!

Today Nicky and I went shopping with Nana. Note to self, driving anywhere near the interstate not a good idea on game day. The Gators are playing Tennessee today. It's a big game, and the traffic was horrible. But we persevered and had a fun time at Toys R Us. Nana bought Nicky a rocking horse and a table and chairs set. We have them both set up in the living room and Nicky loves them. I can't wait to break out the crayons and paper for him to color at his table! (Remind me of this when he colors on the walls or something in the future.)

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The pain of weeding

Well I was trying to upload a few more crappy cell-phone movies, but ran into the 1 Gigabyte limit on my photobucket account...again! So in order to make room for these and future movies and photos I had to do some weeding.

I deleted all the house photos from when we bought the house. I deleted some old photos that I'd made into profiles for my message boards. I couldn't bear to delete the old ultrasound pictures or the other pregnancy pictures, so they stayed. I went ahead and deleted the old 2006 movies and deleted a LOT of the 2007 movies too.

Of course the good news is that I actually have all these movies and photos on my hard drive still, but someday I really need to back them up on CDs or an external hard drive. I think I'd just keel over dead if something happens to my computer before I save all these videos and movies.

Anyway, end result is there is a lot less to look through in the movies. I uploaded a few new movies today and a couple of photos too.

BUT the super good news is that Tom found out that the part he needs to fix the camera is only going to cost about 40 bucks. Whew! So we'll work that into the budget in a few weeks and hopefully that will get us back in the photo/movie-taking business! The cuteness must be documented!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

New videos and pics. Crappy, but new.

Well we still don't have a working real camera, but Tom's old cellphone can take little movies and pictures, so we actually have a few movies and pics for you! The quality stinks, but for those of you missing the Nicky these are pretty cute.

Yesterday Donna and I were at the grocery store when Tom called us. He and Nicky had been playing in Nicky's room when Nicky pulled his old dragon costume (that he wore last year for his first Halloween) out of the "things I've outgrown" box. He brought it over to Tom and so Tom put it on him to see how it fit. It actually still fits! Tom ran for his cellphone camera and snapped a few photos and this movie. I guess we're set for Halloween this year already!

Now today Nicky was being really stubborn and NOT taking a nap. No morning nap at all, and we were trying to get him calmed down for an afternoon nap (I was certainly feeling like a nap!) but instead he decided to work on his spinning. This is one of his new favorite things and has resulted in a carpet burn on his nose and a scrape on his forehead from falling down once he gets really dizzy. Silly boy.

So there you have it. Some new Nicky-cuteness, good quantity but yet REALLY crappy quality. But we'll take what we can get till Santa brings us a new camera.