Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A rock and a hard place

Oh I'd been thinking of waiting for a while, you know, lose weight, get more financially stable, finish up projects around the house, etc. But here's the thing, even though you and I both KNOW I'm only 29 (right? RIGHT?) something about being born in 1973 is going to very soon impact my being a higher risk pregnancy if I wait much longer.

Apparently time doesn't actually stand still, even though I've conveniently brainwashed myself to really believe I AM still 29 (and I have). So here's this rock (needing to have time to get things "ready" to try for another baby) and this hard place (reaching some magic number when you subtract my 1973 from the current year), and here I am right stuck right between them.

So a decision had to be made.

And finally, after consulting the Magic 8 Ball, I’ve made a big decision.

Transcript of Magic 8 Ball consultation session

Question: Should I continue taking the pill for the next cycle?
Answer: Maybe

Question: Should I stop taking the pill after this pack runs out?
Answer: Definitely

Question: Will I be able to get pregnant within the first three cycles after stopping the pill?
Answer: Absolutely!

That sounds pretty good to me.

So I've decided to stop taking the pill after I finish this pack. I won’t see the doctor for a few weeks, but hopefully if necessary I can just bring on a cycle with progesterone and then do the met/clomid thingy. Or just get pregnant on the first cycle by just relaxing, cause you know that works so well. (Please notice the sarcasm here.)

So I won't have lost 100 pounds, and I won't be financially set for life, and I won't have the house completely perfectly done...

Meh, whatever.

The important thing to me right now is that Nicky have at least one sibling to grow up with (hopefully two eventually). And I'm pretty sure that finances will always be tight, there will always be stuff needing to be fixed or improved around the house, and I'll always have to be trying to eat less and exercise more. Waiting till everything else is perfect just isn't really realistic if what we really want is another baby. So we'll just throw caution to the wind and see what happens.

Well, we would if it was that easy for us.

Instead, we'll throw caution to the winds, meet with a bunch of doctors, start a carefully designed regimen of drugs, blood tests, gathering fertility data and raid the local Dollar Tree stores for heaping handfuls of pregnancy tests. Next session with the Magic 8 Ball: Should I invest in a new basal thermometer...