Saturday, September 08, 2007

The pain of weeding

Well I was trying to upload a few more crappy cell-phone movies, but ran into the 1 Gigabyte limit on my photobucket account...again! So in order to make room for these and future movies and photos I had to do some weeding.

I deleted all the house photos from when we bought the house. I deleted some old photos that I'd made into profiles for my message boards. I couldn't bear to delete the old ultrasound pictures or the other pregnancy pictures, so they stayed. I went ahead and deleted the old 2006 movies and deleted a LOT of the 2007 movies too.

Of course the good news is that I actually have all these movies and photos on my hard drive still, but someday I really need to back them up on CDs or an external hard drive. I think I'd just keel over dead if something happens to my computer before I save all these videos and movies.

Anyway, end result is there is a lot less to look through in the movies. I uploaded a few new movies today and a couple of photos too.

BUT the super good news is that Tom found out that the part he needs to fix the camera is only going to cost about 40 bucks. Whew! So we'll work that into the budget in a few weeks and hopefully that will get us back in the photo/movie-taking business! The cuteness must be documented!


Oh, The Joys said...

I wish I knew what to do with all our little videos.