Sunday, September 23, 2007

More teeth this week!

Mid week I was in the car with Nicky, Tom and Jessie, guess it was Wednesday, and I was in the backseat with Nicky. I was feeding him little bits of "cookie" (which is actually a fruit&cereal bar) and noticed something large and white in his mouth. I waited till we got home to get a good look, because I've learned my lesson about sticking my fingers in there, and it's true! He has TWO new molars on the bottom! One on each side. They're nearly all the way in too.

I guess that's the reason he's had a few whiny days lately. We thought it might have been teeth, but hadn't seen a thing. I guess we thought he'd get more of the front teeth first. He still only has the two bottom center teeth other than the new molars. So now we're all the sudden up to having 8 teeth. With how whiny he was this evening it wouldn't surprise me if he was working on more though. I put on some Baby Orajel, just in case, but he had a rough evening anyway. Tom's at church, and I think Nicky missed him too.

I have managed to take a few more photos, but I'm having a hard time getting the hang of this camera so a lot are fuzzy. Sorry Liz! We actually went to the park Saturday and I took the camera with me to specifically take photos of him doing something other than climbing on me to get the camera. But I totally forgot it and left it in the car the whole time. Aw well. Next time I'll do better!

Nicky did have a lot of fun at the park though. There were tons of people there, although not really any for him to interact with much. Mostly they were older. I think there were 3 birthday parties there. He liked the swing, but wasn't into staying there very long. He mostly wanted to wander around and look at everything and say "hi" to everyone. My little extrovert!

He did enjoy the slides, but I think the most fun was taking a little branch with pine needles still on it and sweeping the ground and dusting the tree trunks. We've got to start getting him outside more! Poor kid is amazed by plants and bugs and dirt, but hardly gets any exposure. Hopefully once it cools off a bit outside we can do more outside stuff. Even at the park we only could stay about 30 minutes. It was so hot! It wasn't even really sunny, but the heat and humidity had us all about to pass out, even with water.

But soon it will cool down and we can go out and dig in the dirt. He did get to sit with me by the front stoop about a week ago while Tom and Donna were at the store. He just stayed right there and dug a hole with one hand and kept filling and emptying a flowerpot with dirt from the hole. He had so much fun! AND he was sooo dirty when Daddy drove up! :) Good dirty fun though.


Anonymous said...

I had such a wonderful time with you guys! Nicky is so much fun to be around, defiantly an extrovert, like his Momma.
I think that you should put the great photos up of Jessie holding Nicky & Mom Jessie & Nicky, or at least email them to me please.
Love you bunches!
Aunt Liz

Angela said...

Hey Liz! I looked through all the photos on the camera but didn't see any of Mom and Nicky or Jessie and Nicky. I saw several of you and Mom and Mom and Jessie though and put them up in the Sept 2007 folder. Is there maybe a second memory card or something?

colinsmom said...

OK- I read something strange in this blog. Can you guess what it is????

Angela said...

Was it by chance "Tom's at church?"

He was! He's going through the RCIA process at St. Augustine's here. I think it's a long story, but I don't actually know it.

Nicky and I haven't made it with him yet, but once we figure out how to manage the time (it's right when Nicky normally has dinner on Sunday) we'll probably go with him.

colinsmom said...

I think that you have just renderd me speechless for the first time ever!

Anonymous said...

You will have to ask Tom where he put the photos with Nicky in them, I can't believe he didn't show them to you, they were great! I couldn't get Nicky to look at me & the camera, but then a dump truck went by really slow and he watched it the whole time, while I took several great photos. I hope Tom didn't delete them!
Aunt Liz