Saturday, September 15, 2007

New words this week

Well we had three new words over the last week. While in the grocery store, Tom went to the bakery to get Nicky a cookie. It was a yummy chocolate chip cookie. Rather than let Nicky feed himself and make a mess, Tom was feeding him one bite at a time. He'd hold up a piece and ask "Nicky do you want more cookie?" Pretty soon Nicky started saying "cookie!"

Later on at dinner when Nicky saw the grapes he said "Grape!" although it sounds a lot like "gape" right now. He's been eating a lot of grapes lately (cut in half of course) and loves them better than bananas lately.

And he will say "Bobo" which is our dog Benjamin's nickname that use all the time.

So three new words! Not a word explosion yet, but a good start!

Today Nicky and I went shopping with Nana. Note to self, driving anywhere near the interstate not a good idea on game day. The Gators are playing Tennessee today. It's a big game, and the traffic was horrible. But we persevered and had a fun time at Toys R Us. Nana bought Nicky a rocking horse and a table and chairs set. We have them both set up in the living room and Nicky loves them. I can't wait to break out the crayons and paper for him to color at his table! (Remind me of this when he colors on the walls or something in the future.)


Beck said...

Three words is the beginning of the explosion! Just you wait!
And so long as he colours on the wall with CRAYONS, you're fine. My Baby coloured on the wall with red permanent marker. Sheeeeeesh.