Thursday, July 27, 2006


Blech. That's my typical response about my birthday. Yes today is the official day. On this day in 1973 I graced the world with my presence. That makes me 29 years old. I don't care if you did the math, IT'S 29! Of course I've been 29 since 2000, all the better to fuzzy-up the whole thing. I figure the only person I really have to fool is myself. And I have.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store for cream and tea and stopped by the bakery. I picked out a nice cake and had them write Happy Birthday Angela on it for me. I didn't mention that I WAS Angela though. Tom and I had a wonderful dinner (therefore it's obvious he cooked it) and then had cake. I think I'll be eating cake for a few weeks. But then again Jessica is coming over again tonight probably, so I'll be lucky if I get any more at all...

I actually think I wouldn't mind just not having anymore birthdays, but then again, it could be fun again once Nicky is old enough to get excited about birthdays. I guess that actually might be next year! He'll be almost 1 1/2 next July, so he should be getting into stuff like that. Maybe this year will be my last apathetic birthday for a while then.

Tonight Tom and I are going out to dinner. Nicky will be with us because we love going places with him! Everything is more fun with a Nicky. :) This weekend my mom and Liz will be coming to visit. It's been a while since they were here so they are having major Nicky-withdrawls. I anticipate lots of cuddles and giggles going on in my house over the weekend. AND lots of photos to post next week!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Messy Mealtime Fun

Well if you've visited the Nicky's Photos link on the right you know the current big thing is eating cereal. Nicky thinks this is the best game in the world, and I think it's the best photo/video opportunity! I know you might be getting tired of watching 3 minute videos of Nicky's eating attempts (which he's darn good at I might add) but that's just too bad. I think he's adorable, and I'm loving this video thing! I've added two more today.

I actually did add some still photos over the last week too though. I've been fighting with the cold that I caught from Tom and Nicky though, hence the no actual blog-update for a week. I'm much better now though, so here I am with Nicky pics!

Here's my favorite. I think he's either blowing me a kiss or sticking out his tongue.

Now, if you have highspeed internet, get on over to the Nicky's Photos link and watch some cute video!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday Dad! I remembered your birthday and I was just picking out an e-card (because apparently I can either get Father's Day OR your birthday card out on time, not both) and realized that with dial-up it would take you a year to download one of those things!

So instead I've made you a Nicky BlogCard!

Happy Birthday Dad! I love you! Come see us again soon!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Ok, it's official. He's huge!

My baby is gigantic. At this rate, I think he will probably be taller than both Tom and I!

At his 4 month appointment he was exactly 16 weeks old. His measurements were:

Weight: 16 pounds 10 ounces
Length: 25.25 inches
Head Circumference 42 cm

Everything places him in the 90th percentile for his age. A lot of babies are 8 months old when they measure this size.

He was very good for the doctor. She checked his hips for dysplasia and he's fine. She said he's perfect, healthy and strong. He didn't even cry on the first 3 shots, but the last one the nurse said it burns when the medicine goes in and he did cry on that one. That one also made a red welt for the next 48 hours or so, but it went away and he didn't run a fever at all. He was so brave!

The doctor said it was fine for us to start giving him rice or oat cereal. We mix it with his formula at a 1:4 ratio of cereal to formula and give it to him with a spoon. We did it for the first time on Sunday afternoon and he had a good time with it. Most of it went on his face and bib of course, but he thought it was a wonderful game to play. Tom snapped some pictures on his cell phone and even made a little video. The quality isn't great, but we didn't have the camera available. Here are a few cute pictures, and I'll just have to see if I can get the video online somehow.

Of course there are a few more in the Photobucket Album...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

July 4th - The Monkey and The Monk

The fourth of July was fun this year. Nicky is just getting to that age where he has a lot of fun visiting. We went over to Dad and JM's house and had hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill. Then we pretty much sat around and watched the Monk marathon on TV and my little monkey in the living room. We took lots of photos, and I tried to narrow them down to the best for the online photoalbum, but heck, they're all so good! I did manage to only upload 14 pictures today though... :)

Here are a few favorites:

Nicky is a cool dude ready to go on a summer roadtrip...

Here's Nicky hiding from JM's camera. This boy knows what a camera is already! I think he's saying, "Hey, take a picture of that guy instead will ya?"

Then we went outside for a photo-op during the sunset.

Our very favorite photo of the day though was this one:

Isn't he just adorable? We have his 4month pediatric appointment this Friday. I'm not looking forward to that. He's old enough now to really be pissed off about the shots. I am happy to get his new measurements though. I don't even have a ballpark figure for his weight now. He could be anywhere between 15 and 20 pounds! His 6 month outfits are barely fitting him now. He's wearing 6-12 month socks! (And actually some brands of those are too small!!) I'll post to let you know the results on Friday. We're also going to ask the doctor if we can start giving him cereal. Wish us luck!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Knitting and Superman

Finally I have a picture of the blanket I knitted for Nicky. I started this blanket sometime in January. I finally finished in June. It's all done in a light celery color, but half is with a shiny soft yarn (from before he was born) and half is in an acrylic yarn that has no sheen to it (done after he was born). I had run out of the first skein and had to improvise with a near match. But Nicky will never care! :) Here we are cuddling under the blanket. Here you can see the side that has the sheen to it.

He's about 13 weeks in that picture. Now I have two projects in the works. One is a crocheted bunny rabbit. It's in a nice soft shiny green color. And the other is a knitted hoodie for Nicky. I'm making it in 18 month size so that hopefully he can wear it this winter. It's a nice soft yellow yarn with a shiny thread of white running through it. This is my first crocheted and stuffed thing and my first article of clothing I've knitted! I hope the gauge works out. Otherwise it might fit him when he's 5!

Anyway, I added this and two other pictures to Nicky's Photos. One is a picture of Tom's Dad holding Nicky at Easter. Finally I have a picture of him holding Nicky! Donna actually took that one and I got it over the weekend. :) Tom's Dad and Nicky have a lot of fun making faces at each other when Nicky goes over there for JM to babysit.

Speaking of babysitting, JM and Dad babysat on Friday night and Tom, Donna and I all went to see the new Superman movie. It was pretty good. I think it was just campy enough to satisfy folks like me. ;) Worth seeing in the theater I'd say. (Although the $4.25 diet coke just about killed me! Highway Robbery!!) Afterwards we went to Sonny's bbq and had some dinner. Brunswick stew...YUMMY!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent resting and playing with Nicky. I got lots of Nicky-love in over the weekend, which should sustain me over the day today. Monday's are always a little rough.