Monday, March 26, 2007

New photos from the party

JM and Tom's dad came over last night for dinner. JM brought over the pictures that she took at Nicky's party and they're AWESOME! I LOVE them! I uploaded most of them onto the photobucket account so you can see them. I tried to put them in order of occurrence too. His birthday was really just such a great day. The weather was beautiful, we had so many people come. The food was great. And best of all, Nicky had a wonderful time! Enjoy the photos, I know I am!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

He's ONE!

Well actually he's One year and one week, but it has taken a week to recover from the party. Ok, well from the cleaning that led up to the party anyway.

We had a great party for Nicky. 12 adults and Nicky were in attendance. Nicky said that was just perfect for him. He enjoyed being the center of attention! I have a great video of him getting sung to and digging into his cake. Although we did have a separate guest cake for everyone else to eat. Good thing!

Nicky was very pleased with his gifts. He got tons of cute outfits, books and toys. He's been playing with everything and has already begun chewing on the books. They must be good ones.

I had a wonderful visit from my mom and sisters. We hadn't all be together like that probably since around Mother's day or something so it was really great. My mom is finally healing up from her cancer surgery and will soon be all finished up. She's ready to move on with her life cancer-free! I can't even tell you how wonderful it is to know she's healing well and nearly done with that chapter.

My dad on the other hand is in the hospital with some kind of food poisoning. On the one hand I'm worried about him and hope he's doing well, but on the other hand I have my thumbs in my ears waggling my fingers at the restaurant with the misfortune to poison a former FDA/CDC liaison. They are in SOOOO much trouble!! Having gone through E-coli myself I am glad my dad will really stick it to the establishment that got him sick. I was in no condition to fight back and I doubt the hospital I went to in Memphis even reported my case. But this time I know justice will be done and that place will clean up their act!

As for me, I'm all healed up from my gall bladder surgery, but this darn heart thing (which went away fro nearly 2 weeks) is back full force today. It's soooo annoying! It's like having an adrenaline rush every minute or so and makes me so edgy! I'm guessing it is stress related since I was under some stress today. Today I had to drive from Tampa to Gainesville and I hate driving! Especially on the interstate. But the reason I had to drive today was a good one! Tom's mom just gave us her old minivan! She's gotten a new vehicle and rather than trade in her caravan she's giving it to us! I'm so excited to have a second vehicle, and a minivan at that! It's just perfect for our needs with Nicky and the dogs and the better gas mileage and everything. Woohoo! So I'm willing to put up withe the heart thing a bit in exchange for getting a new car. It's a good trade-off. But I hope the heart thing is gone tomorrow!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Can you believe he's going to be ONE tomorrow?

I certainly can't! Tomorrow my little baby turns one year old. I am just so amazed that I'm so lucky to have this little boy to call my own. In honor of him turning one I stayed up super late last night putting up new videos. (Well, that and cleaning/organizing the living room.)

There are movies of Nicky pushing his rocking chair around the room, and as one astute friend of mine noted, that IS the infamous green shirt that I wore for all my belly pictures when I was pregnant. If you want a walk down memory lane, here is the belly line-up:

I can't believe how much Nicky has changed over the last year. It's really incredible that he's gone from that little pink (and yellow) bundle to my strapping big boy.

From this:

To this:

Well, we're going to have a house FULL of company tomorrow! So many folks are coming to celebrate. I've ordered a cake, we've been working our butts off to get the house presentable, and Tom even painted the front and back doors. I can't wait to see everyone play with Nicky! He's going to have such a great time being the center of so much attention. (I think he got that from me!)

Expect lots of photos and movies after the weekend!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Cleaned house a bit

Well, not the REAL house! But I did clean up a lot (most) of the 2006 videos. That gave me some room, so I uploaded some new videos from a few days ago.

I'm going into the doctor's tomorrow to get all hooked up to a heart monitor. I've been having these weird heart palpitations or something for the last week and I need to get it checked out and hopefully fixed. It's really distracting and keeping me from sleeping well. It wasn't so bad over the weekend, but hopefully the heart monitor will pick them up Monday. I'll be so mad if they don't find anything! It's not in my head! I swear!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OMG it's FULL!

I filled up my photobucket account! I went to put up four new videos tonight and got an error because I have reached my 1GB limit! I'm in shock!

Ok, I have two options. Either I start up another album, or I start deleting some of the old videos. I don't want to delete stuff that's still watched, but are there some I can delete? Mom, you know I'm asking you right? LOL! What do you want me to keep online? I have all these on my own computer so they won't be gone forever, but unless you've somehow saved them on your computer you wouldn't be able to see them if I delete them. Do you still watch the really old ones?

I did get up some new pictures though. So check those out.

AND today Nicky's 2nd tooth came in! Woohoo! He's got two now! Go Nicky! I didn't hold him down for a photo this time, but I do have a picture of the way it looked Sunday. It was right under the gum, you could really see it in that picture. Oh, let me post the pic here:

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Two weeks to go

Nicky will be one in only two weeks! I can't believe how fast this year has gone!

Today he got his first look at the whole "blow out the candles" thing when his daddy had his birthday dinner and cake. I took a few pictures when we got home and had an ice-cream cake. I think Nicky will enjoy his cake when it's his turn!

There are new pictures up, three in February and several from today in the new March 2007 folder. I'm also putting up a few movies of Nicky playing with everyone at the table. He was playing follow the leader with Nana and Daddy, getting them to imitate his actions.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Testing out some new technology

Ok, you'll notice a few new things over on the right hand side of this screen. First is a box labeled "IM Angela." This is a new service I found today that I wanted to test out for work. It's a service called Meebo and it allows you to IM with anyone visiting your website. In theory, as long as I'm logged into Meebo you can type text into the bottom box and I'll get it instantly. Then we can have an IM (Instant Message) conversation. It sounds really neat. If it works I'll be adding it to my work blog.

The other thing is a link to a movie about Net Neutrality. The Internet as we know it is under attack. Corporations and Politicians are battling to tie up the Internet and control who and what is put online. This fight has been going on for a few years now. I'd heard a little about it here and there, but this video really explains it well.

Other news, I'm doing pretty well today. I'm off of all pain meds today so far, and although a bit tender this afternoon I'm hanging in there. I also thought I'd let everyone who cares know that Tom and I decided yesterday to put our TTC#2 plan on hold for a while. We have a few goals we'd like to meet before working on Baby 2.0. So maybe in a year or so we'll be ready to try again.

The Month of Birthdays has begun

Nicky's birthday is fast approaching. AND today is Tom's birthday! Happy Birthday Tom!

Tom is very impressed that I actually remembered his birthday this year. Usually I forget unless he specifically reminds me, which usually he does every day for a few weeks up until his birthday. But this year he was peculiarly silent about it and I remembered anyway! Yay me! Nicky and I made him some nice cards and he's getting a computer game he's been wanting for a while. I think that will keep him pretty happy. Hopefully it won't interfere too much with his finishing up his degree though. Ahem.

Anyway, for Nicky's birthday we'll be just having a little get together with burgers and hotdogs and a cake. Lucky Nicky has his first birthday on a Saturday this year, so we'll actually celebrate ON the day. How fun! Right now the plan is to keep it small and cheap since he won't remember this anyway and we don't want to completely overwhelm him, but you know how it goes. We want to get him a mylar balloon of course since he is STILL loving his Valentine's Day balloon. And maybe some streamers would be good...and the cake might need some kind of decorations...and maybe some plates...see what I mean?