Thursday, March 01, 2007

Testing out some new technology

Ok, you'll notice a few new things over on the right hand side of this screen. First is a box labeled "IM Angela." This is a new service I found today that I wanted to test out for work. It's a service called Meebo and it allows you to IM with anyone visiting your website. In theory, as long as I'm logged into Meebo you can type text into the bottom box and I'll get it instantly. Then we can have an IM (Instant Message) conversation. It sounds really neat. If it works I'll be adding it to my work blog.

The other thing is a link to a movie about Net Neutrality. The Internet as we know it is under attack. Corporations and Politicians are battling to tie up the Internet and control who and what is put online. This fight has been going on for a few years now. I'd heard a little about it here and there, but this video really explains it well.

Other news, I'm doing pretty well today. I'm off of all pain meds today so far, and although a bit tender this afternoon I'm hanging in there. I also thought I'd let everyone who cares know that Tom and I decided yesterday to put our TTC#2 plan on hold for a while. We have a few goals we'd like to meet before working on Baby 2.0. So maybe in a year or so we'll be ready to try again.