Friday, February 24, 2006

Shower is tomorrow!

I'm so excited about the shower tomorrow! It's going to be so much fun! Tom has already gotten a cake from Publix. I even got to help pick it out, so we know there will definitely be cake! (A homage to my poor March Mom friend who had fits over not having cake at her shower when she had been craving it so badly.)

I've already received a shower gift too! It came in the mail, and it was from my registry and everything! AND you'll never guess who sent it! My old buddy from high school, John! If you're out there reading this John we love the baby book! I've already started filling it out and I can't wait to add more once the baby comes. That was so sweet of you to send! You won't believe what a dork I am though. I've totally lost the paper that had his address on it! All these years since we've been back in touch I've been bugging him for an address and phone number! Finally I get a paper with his address on it, and I LOSE IT! What the heck is wrong with me? Well I have an absolutely adorable thank you card for you John, if you'll only email me your address! I know I'm silly. Can I blame it on the baby taking all the oxygen from my blood before my brain gets any?

I hope everyone finds us at the shower ok. I know we kind of live in the middle of nowhere. (Well, technically it's more the middle of a horse pasture, but whose counting.) So call Tom and I on our cell phones if you can't find us and we'll help you find your way.

I'll have to blog asap after the shower to share all the cool gifts Nicky is going to get! I can already tell you two big things I know we're getting, but that would ruin the surprise! AND I still don't know who has gotten us one of them. I know it's been bought, but who?? I have my suspicions, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Oooo! AND we're going to make sure to get some pictures up of the shower too! What to wear, what to wear. I could be boring and wear my belly pic outfit. That's all anyone's seen me in lately in photos! HA! But I think I'll be different... I do have another shirt nearly that same color I could wear... You're all going to think all I wear is light green! LOL!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No new numbers

Well darn it! I begged and pleaded but to no avail. I didn't get a new measurement at today's ultrasound. He looked good in there though. Plenty of fluid, but not too much. Lots of hair on his head! Practicing his breathing. Good looking placenta. Nice movement. 8 out of 8 = A+ for Nicky!

I tried playing the gestational diabetes card and everything, but no dice. Bummer. I hope he's not 8 pounds already! Next Wednesday is Tom's birthday. We get another BPP in the morning and then an OB appointment right afterwards. I'm going to ask my OB if he can make them do a measurement every week! I wanna know the SECOND he hits 8lbs! It's my hoo-ha he's gotta come through you know!

Anyway, it was nice to see him again. We're really lucky to see him so often. But we're starting to get pretty antsy to see him in living color instead of black and white. The baby shower is this weekend, and it looks like we'll have about 20 people there! How cool is that! Tom and I are really looking forward to it. It should be tons of fun!

Now if I can just go into labor that day! Everyone will already be in town, no one will have to make a second trip, (he won't be 10 pounds yet...) it'll be great!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Finally back online at home

Finally we have the internet at home again. Sheesh, it's been torture to be without it! Our new email is tamott at alltel dot net. I'm spelling it out here so that the spam bots don't grab it. When you're connected at only 24kbps you can't afford to waste time with spam. Ick! It's taking forever to download anything at this rate!

But at least we're back!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ok, we got a new measurement today at our BPP. He's measuring between 35-37 weeks now (and I'm now 34 weeks) and he weighs an estimated 6 pounds 3 ounces! Yikes! All I can think about is that his HEAD is measuring 37 weeks right now. I believe it was his femur length that was measuring 35 weeks and Abdomen was also 37 weeks. He's going to be a fat, hairy, short genius baby. :) Sounds like he's taking after his momma.

Other than getting the new measurements, we saw him do lots of movement, lots of practicing his fetal breathing, and even got a few pictures. Not very good ones, but two sort-of profile shots and a nice testicular shot for you all. :) I'll get them up on here soon since I'm getting dial-up internet TOMORROW!! YAY! I can't believe I'm looking forward to getting dial-up, but it's a heck of a lot better than having NO internet!

At the OB appointment everything went fine. My blood pressure was 110/70 which is very impressive! My weight hasn't changed even though Nicky is up almost a pound, so that sounds pretty good to me. Guess watching my carbs is a good thing huh? My iron level is still anemic, it was only 31 when it needs to be above 35, but it has improved since last time, last time it was only 27. So I'll keep doing my iron pills and hopefully that will help.

I get to start taking the Metformin again. YAY! I think that will really help with my blood glucose levels. I've been doing pretty well, but they're still not down where they want them so we'll try the Met first before we do insulin. I think that the Met will work just fine for me. I don't actually think I have gestational diabetes, I think it's just the insulin resistance I've always had and it's only finally worrying someone because I'm pregnant now. I'll still be following the meal plan though and monitoring my levels, because hey, it's fun to bleed right? :)

Speaking of bleeding, I noticed the other day that it was really starting to hurt to take my blood glucose and that I was bleeding quite a bit after doing the stick. I was getting a little worried that I was becoming somehow more sensitive or something (after all I am on a baby asprin a day and could be low on clotting stuff) but then I noticed that the darn sticker was set to the deepest level! LOL! I've been poking myself too deep with the sticker thingy. I set it back down to the middle level and it doesn't hurt anymore. Whew. That's better.

Well, I guess that's about it. I'm really feeling like I have a good chance of having this baby in February or early March now. I'm just hoping to make it to the baby shower still pregnant at this point. Tom's working on getting Nicky's room painted and then Donna (Tom's mom and Nicky's Nana) will be coming up to look at getting new carpet and a border for his room. It's going to be so cute!

AND can I just reiterate, I'm getting INTERNET access tomorrow!! I'm so excited!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

BPP & the diabetic counselor

Yesterday Tom and I went to have our 2nd BPP done. It was back to the technician that hurts, darn it. She sure likes to push hard! This was the same tech we had for the "big ultrasound" who really got crappy pictures. This time it was a better machine, but still the images weren't nearly as clear as last week. Interesting...

But we did get two pictures! One is a profile shot and the other is a footie. I'll have to scan them in at home and then bring them to work to link up. I miss having the internet!! Tom and I are going to see if we can get dial-up set up this weekend. I never thought I would so look forward to getting dial-up!! It's going to be torture, but not as much as having NO internet is torture!!

So Nicky did fine on his BPP though. The tech said they only do measurements and weight estimates every third visit so we don't know how much he's grown since last week. I guess our next weight estimate will come on February 22nd. He'll probably weigh 8 pounds by then! I really might go into labor at the shower after all! Yikes!

He was head down and head turned to my right on the ultrasound. He has plenty of amniotic fluid and is practicing his breathing just fine.

After the BPP, Tom and I walked over to the diabetic counselor's office. She was nice and everything, but this meal plan thing is hard!! Yesterday at dinner I was sooo hungry and tired by the time I got home and Tom was cooking dinner and I was desperately trying to figure out what I could eat. I ended up talking to my sister-in-law who called and had her go on the internet for me to figure out how much sweet potato is one starch exchange. (1/3 cup if you're interested.) Turns out I didn't end up having that anyway in the end. But what a pain! Another reason I just have to get the internet!

So mostly I'm watching carbs. A lot like the atkins diet was really. Actually I'm going to try to find my old atkins diet carb counter book. I'm sure it's in a box or a shelf over in the old house somewhere. So far my blood sugars have been pretty good I think. Not as low as they want, but better than they were. I kind of like the glucose monitoring part. I just hate not knowing what I can eat!

In any case, watch for an update this weekend if we get internet! That will be my first online job!

Monday, February 06, 2006

He's coming so soon!

Well Tom and I managed to get our taxes all done. Phew! Earliest ever I think! We used some of the return money to go ahead and get a few baby items. I thought I'd share them here, along with what we already have so that anyone doing any shopping will know what we've already got. Hint Hint ;) I'm so excited about the shower coming up!! I guess you can also always look at the registery we have online at too.

We now have:
The pack and play (this is the bassinet and play yard)

An extra pack and play for the living room (thanks to Gayle!)

The crib mattress (thanks to Gayle!)

The changing table (thanks Gayle again!)

A bouncer seat (guess who! Gayle! There's a pattern here...)

An exersaucer (Thanks Colin! Oh, and Gayle too)

Some diapers, wipes and "Buttpaste" (it's really called that!) but we can always use more I'm sure. Probably not the newborn size though. He's already over 5lbs in-utero!

Just a few toys, some outfits, and some books. Again, we can always use more of that too. Baby stuff is so much fun!

I think that's it. I also used some of the money to go ahead and get a birth ball (you sit on it and rock to help you get thru labor) I can't wait to play with it! It should be ready for sitting tonight!

I think that's about it.

Oh, and we forgot to tell you that on the last ultrasound the tech told us he already has a lot of hair! Neat! Our next one is Wednesday, so look for an update then!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First BPP results and 32 week OB visit

Well, lots of news today!

First Tom and I had our first Biophysical Profile. Although it's probably more accurate to say Nicky had HIS first BPP since it was all about him. They did an ultrasound, their equipment was awesome! And did measurements, checked his fluid levels (sounds like a car) and looked for his movements and for him practicing fetal breathing. He had 30 minutes to do all that and he did it all in 15 minutes! What a good boy! They score him out of 8 points, and he made an 8/8 on his first one. We'll have these every Wednesday morning. Fun stuff! We don't get any ultrasound pictures from these, but that's ok. I think we have quite a few already! ;)

This is the extra stuff we found out:

He was lying with his head on my right side and his butt on my left. One foot was up near his face (he was facing down) and one leg was extended down towards my bladder.

He is now measuring 2-4 weeks ahead depending on what measurement you go by! An average of 3 weeks ahead.

He weighs an estimated 5.5 pounds already!! That's 5lbs, 8oz! Big boy!! They said that estimate could be off one pound either way, so he's between 4.5-6.5 pounds now. Oh boy!

He's practicing his fetal breathing which is a good indicator that should he be born now his lungs would be working well. Yay!

I think that's about it for the BPP results.


On to the OB appointment!
My weight is up to 298, which puts my gain so far at 23 lbs. The doctor isn't worried at all about it, so that's good.

My blood pressure was 122-82, he said that was good.

My iron is even lower than before! Only a 26 when it should be well over 30. I've been on a supplement for a month so now I've got to go on a prescription iron pill. Bummer. Maybe I'll feel better though.

My sugar, two hours AFTER finishing eating was a whopping 171! Crap! Looks like the metformin was keeping me from developing gestational diabetes, and now that I've been off of it for 3 weeks I've developed it. Nuts!! So I'm going to see a diabetic counselor person to get info on diabetic diet stuff and how to check my blood glucose. Sounds like fun. At least I'll get to keep track of data! (My personal hobby I'm starting to think) If the diet and monitoring keep it under control great! If not he wants to look at doing insulin. Bummer. Guess it's good that I'm not scared of needles though.

Other than that everything was good. He's not overly concerned about my feet swelling since my blood pressure is good. I start going for OB appointments every two weeks now, along with BPPs every week. They're all scheduled for Wednesday mornings. So I'll update this blog with results at least every Wednesday.

Other stuff:

We're still moving little things over from the house. Still need the dryer! Maybe Tom will pick that up today or tomorrow.

We're meeting with a Doula in training on Saturday. I was going to try to squeeze it in today, but changed it to Saturday so I wouldn't be too rushed.

JM's planning the shower for February 25th and I'm getting excited! I'll be 35 weeks then, and heck, he could come at any time by then! Maybe he'll end up being the guest of honor! Wouldn't that be funny if I went into labor AT the shower! Hahaha!