Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No new numbers

Well darn it! I begged and pleaded but to no avail. I didn't get a new measurement at today's ultrasound. He looked good in there though. Plenty of fluid, but not too much. Lots of hair on his head! Practicing his breathing. Good looking placenta. Nice movement. 8 out of 8 = A+ for Nicky!

I tried playing the gestational diabetes card and everything, but no dice. Bummer. I hope he's not 8 pounds already! Next Wednesday is Tom's birthday. We get another BPP in the morning and then an OB appointment right afterwards. I'm going to ask my OB if he can make them do a measurement every week! I wanna know the SECOND he hits 8lbs! It's my hoo-ha he's gotta come through you know!

Anyway, it was nice to see him again. We're really lucky to see him so often. But we're starting to get pretty antsy to see him in living color instead of black and white. The baby shower is this weekend, and it looks like we'll have about 20 people there! How cool is that! Tom and I are really looking forward to it. It should be tons of fun!

Now if I can just go into labor that day! Everyone will already be in town, no one will have to make a second trip, (he won't be 10 pounds yet...) it'll be great!


Anonymous said...

Don't try too hard to go into labor at the shower. I'm sure he'll come out when he's ready!
Aunt Liz