Friday, February 24, 2006

Shower is tomorrow!

I'm so excited about the shower tomorrow! It's going to be so much fun! Tom has already gotten a cake from Publix. I even got to help pick it out, so we know there will definitely be cake! (A homage to my poor March Mom friend who had fits over not having cake at her shower when she had been craving it so badly.)

I've already received a shower gift too! It came in the mail, and it was from my registry and everything! AND you'll never guess who sent it! My old buddy from high school, John! If you're out there reading this John we love the baby book! I've already started filling it out and I can't wait to add more once the baby comes. That was so sweet of you to send! You won't believe what a dork I am though. I've totally lost the paper that had his address on it! All these years since we've been back in touch I've been bugging him for an address and phone number! Finally I get a paper with his address on it, and I LOSE IT! What the heck is wrong with me? Well I have an absolutely adorable thank you card for you John, if you'll only email me your address! I know I'm silly. Can I blame it on the baby taking all the oxygen from my blood before my brain gets any?

I hope everyone finds us at the shower ok. I know we kind of live in the middle of nowhere. (Well, technically it's more the middle of a horse pasture, but whose counting.) So call Tom and I on our cell phones if you can't find us and we'll help you find your way.

I'll have to blog asap after the shower to share all the cool gifts Nicky is going to get! I can already tell you two big things I know we're getting, but that would ruin the surprise! AND I still don't know who has gotten us one of them. I know it's been bought, but who?? I have my suspicions, but we'll just have to wait and see!

Oooo! AND we're going to make sure to get some pictures up of the shower too! What to wear, what to wear. I could be boring and wear my belly pic outfit. That's all anyone's seen me in lately in photos! HA! But I think I'll be different... I do have another shirt nearly that same color I could wear... You're all going to think all I wear is light green! LOL!