Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New measurement today!

Ok, I have a lot to catch up on since the last post.

First the shower went beautifully. I should have pictures soon from JM. I know my Dad's wife, Gwen, also took some good photos and will be sending those to me soon too. Lots of people came, I think about 18 all together, and we got tons of stuff for the baby!

We're set on clothes I think until Nicholas turns two! We also got some toys, books, a cradle my dad refinished, a crib, and the travel system. We have a few things left on the registry that are "important" but Im'm nt too worried about it at this point. I do have to go buy the breast pump ASAP, and the bathtub and the diaper pail at some point, but the swing can either wait or be skipped all together if need be. So all in all I think everyone set us up very nicely for our first year with Nicky!

Oh, and the cake was divine! Bad, bad Angela for eating so much of it on Saturday! But I've been good since!

Now, on to my new news!

We went to the BPP today and got a new measurement! Ready for this?

Head Circumference= 33.26cm (37 weeks 3 days)
Abdominal Circumference= 33.41cm (37 weeks 4 days)
Femur Length= 7.29cm (37 weeks 2 days)
Estimated weight= 7 pounds 4 ounces (40 weeks 2 days)
Estimated due date based on his measurements= 3/19/06
He's in the 80th percentile in weight right now. Whew! What a big boy!

My blood pressure was excellent at 120/70. Iron is still low at 32. Weight holding steady at 299 now, up only one pound over the last two weeks, and heck, that's how much Nicky grew! I had my first internal exam. Fun stuff. And the doctor doesn't think I'll have any trouble with an 8-8.5 pounder. Past that we'll just have to see. No dialation or effacement happening yet. And I'm positive for Group B strep, so I'll have antibiotics via IV during labor. More fun stuff.

We shared our birth plan with the doctor and he thought it was all fine. My sugars have been good except for the fasting ones that run around 104-109. He's upping my Metformin in the evenings to two pills at night and still one pill in the morning to see if we can get those down. If not then we'll have to consider insulin at night.

That's about it I think! The OB said he's very proud of us for doing so wonderfully this pregnancy. So we must be doing well. I like hearing things like that. :)