Monday, March 13, 2006

Let the games begin!

Well, I went in for my appointment today at 10:30am. Guess I'm feeling pretty relaxed about the whole thing since my blood pressure was 90/60 Wow! I gained 3-4 pounds since last Wednesday which seems a little weird, but the OB wasn't concerned about it at all, especially since my blood pressure is so good.

Then he checked the position of the baby. Still not engaged, but he could feel him. I was still 50% effaced, but now I'm also dialated 1cm. He went ahead and stretched the cervix a little and stripped my membranes. It was a little uncomfortable, but not really painful or anything. It definitely caused a little crampiness, which I think is a good thing. Anything to get things moving! He said I might have a little spotting, so I'll watch for that. Nothing yet though.

So now the plan...
I have my marching orders. We are to come home and walk today and tomorrow (and rest some too.) Tomorrow night we call Labor and Delivery at 11pm to make sure they have a room available for us. Then we go in at midnight (of the full moon no less) and have the cervidil put in. I'm supposed to go to sleep then for the rest of Tuesday night.
(Hopefully all the walking will have made me tired!) Then Wednesday morning we wake up, have the OB check for progress. If I'm not in labor yet, we'll try pitocin a bit to see if that will start things up. We'll probably give it till Wednesday afternoon/evening to get into full labor, but if nothing is happening there is a possibility we'll go home for a few more days. So we're not planning on having anyone actually start coming here until we know labor is definitely starting on Wednesday. Hopefully though Nicky will make his entry sometime on 3/15/06!

I'm so excited!