Saturday, March 11, 2006

New belly pic! 37 weeks. Will it be the last?

Ok, so I look a little tired after working all day on Wednesday until around 6:30pm, but I thought I'd share the whole pic with you anyway!

Notice the beautiful blue walls that Tom and his Mom painted for Nicky this past weekend. Ahh, soothing aren't they. And there's Nicky's crib waiting for him! Lot's more to do in the Nursery, but since he won't be in there for a while (he'll be in our room in the bassinet/pack and play) I'm not too worried about it.

No progress yet. I'm told I'll definitely know when Nicky drops, but I'm not so sure. I have had to go to the bathroom a LOT yesterday (both kinds) in the evening, and that's supposed to be a sign. But maybe it's just a sign that I had to go to the bathroom a lot. Who knows. I did have some cramps a little bit last night, but they could have been bowel related and not uterus related. I just don't know. But I hope somethings going on down there.

Today I'm going over to JM's house to finish up the maternity pictures. I can't wait to share those! There are already a few I really like that Tom and I did outside, but you can't see the belly much. But man, she made US look good! :) Now we'll do some real belly shots of me and Nicky today at noon. I'm supposed to be rested, but I woke up at 5am this morning and just had to get up. So I'm sitting here on the birth ball at the computer. I will probably take a little nap in a while and then get a shower and fix up my hair or something. You know, something I NEVER do! Ha! I don't even have a curling iron or my curlers here! They're still in Micanopy somewhere. We'll see what I can do with a dryer and a brush.

After pictures maybe I'll walk home from JM's. It's not very far. And maybe Nicky will get the message to settle downwards a bit. I wanna have him on Tuesday! I see Liz can't make it on Friday, so hopefully I'll go before that. I'm still excited about labor. Not scared at all! I am wondering how well I'll be able to focus while having all the people there that I want in the room. Hopefully I'll be fine. I am an extrovert (like you didn't know right?) and so theoretically I gather energy from being in contact with people. So it might be good to have them there. But I figure if it gets to be too much everyone will just have to take a break and go to the waiting room or the cafeteria for a while. We'll just have to see.

Still, I'm looking forward to it! The birthing experience is the next big thing I've wanted to experience for so long! AND then after that we get to try breastfeeding! YAY! I even dreamed about that Thursday night. Of course in my dream it was stressful because I had the baby (which was a girl) and then had to go back to work the same day and didn't see her for 3 days! When I finally got to breastfeed her though it was great! And so relaxing to finally have time to sit and bond with her. Hopefully it will go great with Nicky in real life. (AND I won't be going back to work the same day, just for the record! LOL!)