Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Things are moving right along!

Well, we had an excellent BPP today. No new measurement, but he scored an 8/8 again, another A+! He was a little wiggle worm and did all his breathing too. Fluid levels are good and the placenta is still rated a 2, which means that although it's older it's still in good shape.

Then we went to the OB appointment. My iron was even lower by a tad, which seems funky since I've been on 300mg iron/day thing for about a month! Whatever. My weight hasn't changed at all. Still 298.5 so at 23.5 pounds gained total. Blood pressure was excellent at 118/70. I showed the OB my blood sugars. They're still high in the morning, but I showed him how they're low around 2-4am and then get higher by themselves by 8am. So he doesn't want to risk the insulin now since I could go too low at night. So yay for me for keeping good data!

I got another internal and am now 50% effaced and soft. Still no dilation yet, and the baby isn't yet engaged either. But the really exciting thing is the doctor wants to see me on Monday (our next appointment was going to be next Wednesday) and check for dilation and station. If the baby is engaged he'll go ahead and induce me! We could be having Nicky early next week! The latest he wants me to go is 39 weeks because of Nicky's size, so the latest I'll go is week after next! I'm so excited!

So Tom and I went right away to the store and bought some Red Raspberry Leaf tea and Evening Primrose Oil. We're also going to walk every evening for as long as I can stand it. And I'll do a LOT of sitting on my birthing ball too. We want Nicky engaged by Monday! I'm really ready to take some time off work and spend some time with my baby OUTSIDE my body! :) I'm really not miserable yet although everyone says I will get that way soon. I'm happy having him in there, and I know I'll miss it when he's out, but I still can't wait to see him. So stay tuned, watch the blog and stay by your phones!


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so exited! The only problem for me is that I'm signed up for a day class at s fl comm college on March 17th from 9-4. My boss already paid for it and it was 90$! I can't really miss that. Mom said she would go up by herself if Nicky came thursday or Friday. So try for early next week, or if not maybe you can wait for the 18th? I know it's alot to ask, but I don't want to miss it :( ! Mom was just saying the other day that maybe it was going to be on the 17th, not the 27th like she originally thought(she was pretty sure there was a 7 in there). I hope she's wrong this time! Love you bunches.
Aunt Liz