Sunday, January 29, 2006

Baby Shower is coming up!

Well, I just got word from JM that the shower will be on February 25th. How exciting! I hope I have remembered everyone for the shower! We're registered at and hopefully that will be convenient for everyone.

We're all moved in for the most part and are getting all cozy in the mobile home in Citra. My next OB appointment is this Wednesday, along with a Biophysical Profile (special ultrasound to monitor Nicky closely each week). And then afterwards we're interviewing a doula. Should be fun!

Hopefully I'll get a new belly pic up soon! we forgot the battery charger and extra battery for the camera at the other house and just picked them up today. So we'll get one up for week 32 for sure (that's this coming Thursday!

Remember to use my new email address at if you email me. We're cancelling the bellsouth account as soon as I find the time at work.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Today is Moving Day!

Ok, this is it! We're moving out of our hovel in Micanopy and moving into the mobile home in Citra. I'm so excited to get out of here and set up the place for the baby!

Tom's sister Maryellen and her husband Scot are coming to help with the move. We'll be busy this weekend!

Since we won't have internet for a while (and even then it might only be dial-up *gasp*) our email addresses won't work anymore! I've changed mine to a address. It's amott1973 AT I have to write it that way here to keep the spam bots from collecting it, but you know how it should look. ;)

I'll have access to my email at work, and I'll keep this blog updated too. Can't lose touch with everyone at this time! Nicky's coming in less than 10 weeks!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New baby pictures!

Got up the captured baby pics from both the old ultrasound from 10-24-05 and from yesterday's ultrasound on 1-17-06. Click here to see them!

30 week appointment yesterday

Well, yesterday I went in for my "30 week visit." Ok, you and I both know that I'm really due on March 30th. Heck, we know the day I ovulated and that's the date indicated by my first ultrasound at 6 weeks, which is the most accurate ultrasound. But for my OB he's going by my second ultrasound around 10 weeks, and saying I'm due on March 27th. Whatever right? Anyway, I went and had an ultrasound done by the tech there. It was, again, pretty awful compared to my level 2 ultrasounds. We did get a DVD this time though, although you STILL can't see much on it. BUT I did learn how to do a screen capture last night! YAY! As soon as I get home tonight I'll put pics up from yesterday's u/s and from the first level 2 ultrasound from 17 weeks. How exciting!

I only gained 2 pounds in the last 3 weeks, so I suppose that's pretty good. I went from 32cm to 39cm though which is pretty funny to me. On the ultrasound they estimated his gestation at almost 31 weeks! (30 weeks 5 days) So even Nicky seems to buy into this whole, we're going into labor before the 30th thing. Sheesh! I suppose I ought to be ready for him anytime in March now just in case, but I have so much to do! Yikes! Even if he does come on March 30th that's only 10 weeks and 1 day away!!

Tom's working like mad to get the trailer ready. I can't wait to move over there and start getting ready for the baby. It's going to be great!

Let's see, heartbeat was 140, my next appointment is in 2 weeks on February 1st. Oh, and just to be on the safe side I'm going in for a Biophysical Profile on that day and probably weekly thereafter. These are basically 20 minute ultrasounds that check on the baby to make sure he's moving, has enough fluid, is practicing his fetal breathing, etc. So he's being well monitored, which makes me feel great!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can I just say, I'm tired?

I'm pooped! I need to update you all though, so here goes.

I'm back on the iron supplements, hey, maybe I'll get some energy back...nah!
On Monday, Tom and I interviewed a pediatrician and we've decided we're going with her. She was very nice, laid back but reassuringly knowlegeable and sensitive too. She has young kids of her own and is all into the breastfeeding/pumping thing. (Like I will be.)
And she came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

We asked lots of questions and I took copious notes at the interview, but I'm just too pooped to record them here. Just trust me, she's going to be great for Nicky!

Let's see, I have an OB appointment and an Ultrasound coming up next Tuesday. Oh, and this weekend is a three day weekend! Thank you Dr. King!

That's all my poor brain can think of right now. Work is super busy and I expend all my energy and brain cells there right now. Hey, it's the first week of classes and I do course reserves. EVERYTHING is an emergency at work right now! Everyone must have their stuff up this second or they will just die. Well we're doing our best, and actually doing rather well I'd say, but the stress is definitely there right now!

I'm going to go put my feet up and play some mindless games of Spider Solitare on the computer while I fall asleep. I just love that game lately. Take the scrambled up cards and put them in order, over and over. It's very soothing to me.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Tour of Labor and Delivery

Ok, so Tom and I went on the L&D tour yesterday at 12:30. We were the first people to get there. It was a group of about 6 couples, and a few brought their kids as well as their support person. I had several questions written down, and strangely I was the only one. Guess I'm just weird like that. I took some notes, some answering my questions and some were extra information from the tour. Here they are, in no particular order:

Security- All babies have two wristbands. One is matched with a number to their mom, and then other has a sensor that sets off an alarm if they get too close to an exit door, stairwell or elevator. You also can't just walk onto the floor. You have to pick up a phone and tell the operator exactly who you are coming to see.

Visitor Policy- They have no set visiting hours, but we can set up our own. Visitors who are waiting have a waiting area on the third floor, right as you step off the elevator. That's the place to wait, not in the hallways. It's all really close together though, so you would be able to come in really fast when it's time. There are vending machines and a phone in the waiting area, and you can bring food with you to eat there, order delivery and meet the delivery guy there, or go to the first floor and there is a cafeteria down there.

Food/water during labor- Once I'm admitted I'm only allowed ice chips. Ugh! So that means I'll be laboring at home for as long as possible!! A tired pregnant woman in a lot of pain who is also being starved to death is going to be a bit cranky I'll just warn you now.

Anesthesia/epidural- I'll be signing paperwork with my doctor to cover this just in case I decide I want it at the last minute. But as soon as you have an epidural you are not allowed to get out of bed! I really want to be able to move around so I'm even more determined to avoid that if possible.

Where does the baby go- For a normal delivery, the baby stays in the room with me except to go to the nursery with all the babies in the morning to be weighed. Pretty much all other exams and procedures are done in the room with me. For a cesearean the baby will be separated from the mom for about the first hour after delivery until the mom is recovered enough. I don't want that!

How long do we stay in the hospital after the birth- For a normal vaginal delivery the stay is usually 24 hours unless your insurance company covers 48 hours. I'm not sure on mine yet. For a cesearean it's typically 3-4 days.

Shaving/enemas- They don't do that stuff anymore. Thank goodness!

Gowns- You can wear your own gowns after delivery. But they'll supply gowns and underwear you can use after if you want. They also have hospital toiletries that they'll bill you for, but it's better to bring your own stuff.

Fetal monitoring- If there are no issues it will usually be monitoring once an hour for about 20 minutes. If issues, or if you have an epidural you get continuous fetal monitoring. Another reason I don't want the epi!

Wheel chair vs walking- You can walk in to the L&D. If you choose to walk out, the nurse will carry the baby for you (from what we saw this really means they'll push the baby out in a bassinet) if you choose to go in the wheelchair you get to hold the baby.

Is there anytime the spouse must leave- Only if you're moved to OR for a cesearean or other operation like that. Then they're only separated while you're prepped and they're put into scrubs and scrubbed up. Otherwise they can stay the whole time. There is a sofabed in the birthing suite and linens are available to make it up. In the recovery room there is a chair that folds out flat for them to sleep on too.

Experience with moms using Doulas- they don't have it lots, but the nurses all like it when moms bring a doula since it's more comfort for the mom and makes their jobs easier.

Experienc with hypnosis or hypnobirthing- unknown.

What supplies to bring for the baby- They will supply everything you'll need for the baby, diapers, clothes, blankets, etc. Bring the outfit and blankets that you want to take them home in though. Also bring breastfeeding supplies with you and toiletries for mom.

IV vs Heplock- Since they don't allow moms any food or water until after the birth, you are hooked up to an IV always to keep you hydrated. Darn it!

Videotaping/pictures- No video allowed during delivery, pictures are ok. Might not be ok to take pics in the OR though, and since it would only be Tom in the OR that is fine. He's going to be busy with me, not playing with a camera!

Walking after the birth- You can walk the halls and take your baby with you, but in the halls the baby must be in a bassinet.

Jacuzzi tubs are in the delivery room bathrooms. Use them if your water isn't broken. Hand held shower and a seat in the tub for warm water pain relief also.

Refridgerator- There is a fridge on the floor where you can keep food and drinks for mom and her one support person. Be sure to label them. This is also the room where dads come to get ice chips for torturing the mom during labor. (Have I ever told you how much I HATE ice?? My teeth are too sensitive! GRRRR!)

Recovery rooms- The birthing suites are for labor and delivery, but about 3-4 hours after a normal vaginal delivery you're moved to a recovery room on the same floor. These are smaller, but still private. For cesearean it's longer, until you're stable, before the move.

I think that's about it. It's pretty exciting! The only things I'm not thrilled about are the mandatory IV and the ice chips. Sigh.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Passed the test!

I got the numbers on my second Glucose Tolerance Test, and I passed again! I haven't got the specific number yet, but they left a message on my phone that I passed it. Unfortunately I do seem to have low iron still. Ugh. So back on the iron supplements I go.

Today Tom and I are going to take the tour of the Labor and Delivery floor of the hospital. I probably should look up some questions to ask or something. I'll update later after we go. It should be neat!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

New 28 week belly pic!

Seven months done today!

I posted a new belly pic in my traditional belly pic outfit. You'll have to scroll over to the right to see it.

But I also had Tom take one below that I'll show in it's entirety. I think it more accurately shows how big I am!

First Baby Shower!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day at work!

First let me just tell you what I did Tuesday! On the first day back after the holidays I was cleaning up my files on the server. You know, deleting all those old files I never use and won't need again. A fresh, organized folder all ready for the new year. Well there was this file, archive.pst, that hadn't been updated since Nov.2004! Wow that's old! I must not need it right? I deleted it before my brain finished processing that thought. Then I realized what that file was and went to check in Outlook to make sure all my archived emails were there. GONE! Every email I'd archived since last March when I got this new computer were gone! Of course I tried going to my recycle bin so I could restore the file, but it wasn't there!!!Arghhh! I spent about an hour researching the problem but could only find answerless pleas from other poor souls who had done the same thing. Oh crap! Well I finally gave in and sent an email to our systems folks. And guess what! The next day they were able to reset my archive.pst file from a backup. Whew! Saved by the bell! I hearby solemnly swear I will never ever delete an archive.pst file again!

So Wendnesday, after a rocky start that began with me throwing up right after my morning shower, ugh, the day got tons better when my emails were restored. After getting to work, I talked to several faculty members about e-Reserves and made them deleriously happy; that's always nice. Set up some tentative dates for 4 workshops on e-Reserves, and basically got lots done. Then I had my first baby shower!

Two of my male coworkers are expecting in February and with me due in March we had a triple shower put on by our department. It was so fun! Of course being a library we all got tons of books, which was awesome! And we even got some cute little outfits and other stuff too. I'll have to take some pictures this evening to show you all. Anyway, just had to share my excitement! I felt so special yesterday having so many people there to celebrate Nicky's upcoming arrival. Also both my male coworkers who are expecting were able to bring thier wives and Tom was able to come too, so that was extra fun! I think usually showers are all female, but I think this was so much better having both sexes there, as both guests and prospective parents.

Hopefully today will be just as fun. It's not off to a great start again, I haven't puked, but this morning I woke up around 4am completely stuffed up and since I couldn't breath using my CPAP mask I had to get up. I've found that without my CPAP lately, even if I'm sitting up, or lying on my side, I stop breathing really badly with my sleep apnea. So, no mask= no sleep. Bummer. I got up and had breakfast and some hot tea with a sudafed and benadryl. And just this second my nose unclogged. Sigh. Too late to go back to bed even though I'm already pooped.

I have my second Glucose Tolerance Test this morning right at 8am. That takes one hour at the lab while I drink the orange sugar thing and wait one hour for my blood draw. Hopefully it will come back good again this time. They tested me around 20 weeks last time since I'm at high risk for Gestational Diabetes, so they wanted to do one more now just to make sure I'm still good. Cross your fingers for me!