Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Can I just say, I'm tired?

I'm pooped! I need to update you all though, so here goes.

I'm back on the iron supplements, hey, maybe I'll get some energy back...nah!
On Monday, Tom and I interviewed a pediatrician and we've decided we're going with her. She was very nice, laid back but reassuringly knowlegeable and sensitive too. She has young kids of her own and is all into the breastfeeding/pumping thing. (Like I will be.)
And she came highly recommended by a friend of mine.

We asked lots of questions and I took copious notes at the interview, but I'm just too pooped to record them here. Just trust me, she's going to be great for Nicky!

Let's see, I have an OB appointment and an Ultrasound coming up next Tuesday. Oh, and this weekend is a three day weekend! Thank you Dr. King!

That's all my poor brain can think of right now. Work is super busy and I expend all my energy and brain cells there right now. Hey, it's the first week of classes and I do course reserves. EVERYTHING is an emergency at work right now! Everyone must have their stuff up this second or they will just die. Well we're doing our best, and actually doing rather well I'd say, but the stress is definitely there right now!

I'm going to go put my feet up and play some mindless games of Spider Solitare on the computer while I fall asleep. I just love that game lately. Take the scrambled up cards and put them in order, over and over. It's very soothing to me.