Sunday, January 29, 2006

Baby Shower is coming up!

Well, I just got word from JM that the shower will be on February 25th. How exciting! I hope I have remembered everyone for the shower! We're registered at and hopefully that will be convenient for everyone.

We're all moved in for the most part and are getting all cozy in the mobile home in Citra. My next OB appointment is this Wednesday, along with a Biophysical Profile (special ultrasound to monitor Nicky closely each week). And then afterwards we're interviewing a doula. Should be fun!

Hopefully I'll get a new belly pic up soon! we forgot the battery charger and extra battery for the camera at the other house and just picked them up today. So we'll get one up for week 32 for sure (that's this coming Thursday!

Remember to use my new email address at if you email me. We're cancelling the bellsouth account as soon as I find the time at work.