Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First BPP results and 32 week OB visit

Well, lots of news today!

First Tom and I had our first Biophysical Profile. Although it's probably more accurate to say Nicky had HIS first BPP since it was all about him. They did an ultrasound, their equipment was awesome! And did measurements, checked his fluid levels (sounds like a car) and looked for his movements and for him practicing fetal breathing. He had 30 minutes to do all that and he did it all in 15 minutes! What a good boy! They score him out of 8 points, and he made an 8/8 on his first one. We'll have these every Wednesday morning. Fun stuff! We don't get any ultrasound pictures from these, but that's ok. I think we have quite a few already! ;)

This is the extra stuff we found out:

He was lying with his head on my right side and his butt on my left. One foot was up near his face (he was facing down) and one leg was extended down towards my bladder.

He is now measuring 2-4 weeks ahead depending on what measurement you go by! An average of 3 weeks ahead.

He weighs an estimated 5.5 pounds already!! That's 5lbs, 8oz! Big boy!! They said that estimate could be off one pound either way, so he's between 4.5-6.5 pounds now. Oh boy!

He's practicing his fetal breathing which is a good indicator that should he be born now his lungs would be working well. Yay!

I think that's about it for the BPP results.


On to the OB appointment!
My weight is up to 298, which puts my gain so far at 23 lbs. The doctor isn't worried at all about it, so that's good.

My blood pressure was 122-82, he said that was good.

My iron is even lower than before! Only a 26 when it should be well over 30. I've been on a supplement for a month so now I've got to go on a prescription iron pill. Bummer. Maybe I'll feel better though.

My sugar, two hours AFTER finishing eating was a whopping 171! Crap! Looks like the metformin was keeping me from developing gestational diabetes, and now that I've been off of it for 3 weeks I've developed it. Nuts!! So I'm going to see a diabetic counselor person to get info on diabetic diet stuff and how to check my blood glucose. Sounds like fun. At least I'll get to keep track of data! (My personal hobby I'm starting to think) If the diet and monitoring keep it under control great! If not he wants to look at doing insulin. Bummer. Guess it's good that I'm not scared of needles though.

Other than that everything was good. He's not overly concerned about my feet swelling since my blood pressure is good. I start going for OB appointments every two weeks now, along with BPPs every week. They're all scheduled for Wednesday mornings. So I'll update this blog with results at least every Wednesday.

Other stuff:

We're still moving little things over from the house. Still need the dryer! Maybe Tom will pick that up today or tomorrow.

We're meeting with a Doula in training on Saturday. I was going to try to squeeze it in today, but changed it to Saturday so I wouldn't be too rushed.

JM's planning the shower for February 25th and I'm getting excited! I'll be 35 weeks then, and heck, he could come at any time by then! Maybe he'll end up being the guest of honor! Wouldn't that be funny if I went into labor AT the shower! Hahaha!