Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New weight and height!

Tom took Nicky in to the pediatrician this morning. We were concerned about his ear. He'd been pulling at it. And since we wanted to get him weighed anyway...

Well his ears are "perfect" according to the doctor, so I guess it's just teething. But the BIG news is Nicky now weighs 20 pounds even! AND he's 27.5 inches long. Gigantababy indeed. :)

Just in case you didn't know, there are two new movies up on the blog too. I was able to catch him pulling up to stand and playing his game of making indian sounds too. The angles aren't the best, but doggone it- he's cute anyway.

We're planning on moving into the new house this weekend no matter what. This means the den probably won't be done, the cabinets definitely won't be done, and the fence isn't done. BUT it will be so much easier for Tom to finish those things up when he actually lives there. AND I am fed up with commuting for an hour twice a day.

We'll lose touch for a bit while we get new email set up. So in the meantime stop sending any mail to the tamott at alltel dot net address and I'll email you all with the new address. We still have our cell phones, so you can reach us. :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

More milestones!

Nicky is getting better and better at eating his fruit puffs. We'll keep practicing, but he's started staring at me when I'm eating and then starts chewing. And now when he gets a puff in his mouth he'll look at me and start chewing on it with his gums (where his molars will eventually be).

We had a great weekend. He and I played in his room (which actually might end up being Tom's and my room instead) on the floor. He isn't really 'crawling' yet, but he's moving around quite a bit! I put a video of it on the movies page (link to your right).

Then he and I spent Sunday together while Daddy worked on the house. We practiced using the sippy cup, which he thinks is great fun, and practiced our puffs. I clicked some cute pictures of him in his exersaucer (see the October photos for those).

Later we watched the Sesame Street baby movie his Nana picked out for him. He loves it! After that we invented a new game. Mommy bounces her fingers off her mouth while making a noise (think of the sounds you made playing cowboys and indians when you were a kid "woo woo woo woo") then Mommy gently (of course) bounces her fingertips over Nicky's mouth (that he opens up for this purpose) and he makes sounds. Then we giggle. It's great fun! I'll have to catch it on video tonight!

After that we went to see Daddy and have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa. We ended up at the Blue Highway in Micanopy because Sonny's was packed! But the Blue Highway was just right and Nicky gets a lot of attention there since we'd been going there all during my pregnancy.

Oh, I just have to tell you about another dinner though! On Friday Nana came to visit and we all went to On the Border (where we had much better service this time by the way) and Nicky was uncharacteristically demanding. (He was hungry.) I started his bottle and his apples, but he was still grabbing for everything else. We decided to give him a lemon wedge to play with. (I had taken out all the seeds.) You know, we were looking forward to seeing quite a funny face, so I put the wedge down on the table in front of him and had Daddy's camera phone ready to go. Well you can see for yourself in the October photos that he didn't make any faces! He just sucked away on that lemon for a good 3 minutes! Do babies even have sour taste buds yet?

One last thing. Last night we stopped by the house to pick up Tom to take him to dinner and Nicky pulled himself to standing on his carseat (which was sitting on the floor with me holding it steady). He did it again several times this morning on the big bed with daddy (who was not wearing a shirt and now is short several chest hairs...ouch!) I'll have to get a video of this too! I have a feeling he might be cruising in the new house before he gets around to crawling!

Monday, October 16, 2006

New milestones at every turn!

Nicky's got a new face! It just cracks everyone up!

He's also trying like crazy to crawl and to pull himself up in his crib! We actually had to take him out of his crib Saturday night and move his mattress down. I had come back into his room after filling his vaporizer and his little head was poking up above the rail! Well I called in Daddy and Nana and we all decided it was time to move the mattress down. We went ahead and moved it all the way to the bottom. Now it looks like the poor little fella is in jail!

We worked on the house all weekend. Nana, Liz and Jodi all came to help. Jessie even made it over on Sunday! Liz and I finished texturizing the living room walls (man is my hand SORE!) while Tom and Jodi ripped out the old paneling from one wall in the den and hung sheetrock. I think we're going to just paint over the other 3 walls of paneling in the den. They're covering concrete, and that would be a real pain to deal with. We just want to get moved in already! There's a movie on the movie page that shows the living room walls. I think it's going to look pretty neat!

Nicky's other new thing is talking! He's trying so hard to talk! I swear he says Mama now, I even have a video up on the movie page that proves it! I don't know that he knows what he's saying yet, but he's trying! We're past the growling for the most part and into lots of other sounds. He's just talking up a storm!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Time is marching on!

Nicky is getting so big so fast! Just last night I was feeding Nicky and he grabbed his bottle and held it all by himself! It was nearly empty so it was light, and he did manage to spray himself in the face a few times, but he was doing it!

And we also picked out Nicky's halloween costume on Saturday. He's going to be a little dinosaur. It was a tough choice between that and a lion, but we went for the dinosaur look. He certainly growls enough to be either one! I did manage to get him to try it on after his bath Sunday morning, but he wasn't too happy about it. I only managed to snap two pictures where he isn't fussing too much. We had to buy it in size 12-18 months! AND it fits!

How cute is my boy?! Tom said he will bring Nicky by work on Halloween in his costume. I can't wait!

Tom's working on the house as much as he can. Donna, Liz and Jodi are all coming next weekend to help. Hopefully they can get the drywall up in the den, finish stripping the kitchen cabinets and paint. I want to move in!

Oh, and by the way, three new movies are on the movies page! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Long time- no post

Whew! We've been really busy the last several days!

First and foremost, the closing went just fine on Friday! Everything is done and we own our own home!

Now for all the work! Tom has pulled off all the panelling in the den and living room. He has to sheetrock one wall and then joint compound everything and paint it. He is stripping the kitchen cabinets and sealing them (they're real wood), and then he has to fix the fence up to hold the dogs and have it come around to the side door (so we can just open the door to let them out in the fenced yard). All in all he says he can have it done in 2 weeks. THEN will come the moving! But it's all very worth it! I can't wait to be moved in and not have such a long commute!

Tom's dad was out of town and using the digital camera he has been letting us borrow. That's the reason for the lack of photos lately. I can't wait to start snapping away again! Nicky is just getting so ready to crawl! Starting last Friday he began sitting up on his own. We didn't actually see it happen till Saturday, but JM saw it when babysitting on Friday (and didn't know it was new) and my mom saw it when watching Nicky at the new house on Saturday (and didn't know it was new). I finally saw it Saturday night when he was in his crib and I came in to check on him to find him sitting up! I laid him back down and he just kept sitting back up. Silly boy! He didn't care how tired he was, he wanted to practice this new skill!

Surely crawling can't be far behind! I can't wait till we can be in the new house and Nicky will be able to play right on the floor in the den (it'll be a dog-free zone). He's going to love it!

I suppose that's all the news right now. Hopefully I'll be uploading pics and movies again soon!