Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New weight and height!

Tom took Nicky in to the pediatrician this morning. We were concerned about his ear. He'd been pulling at it. And since we wanted to get him weighed anyway...

Well his ears are "perfect" according to the doctor, so I guess it's just teething. But the BIG news is Nicky now weighs 20 pounds even! AND he's 27.5 inches long. Gigantababy indeed. :)

Just in case you didn't know, there are two new movies up on the blog too. I was able to catch him pulling up to stand and playing his game of making indian sounds too. The angles aren't the best, but doggone it- he's cute anyway.

We're planning on moving into the new house this weekend no matter what. This means the den probably won't be done, the cabinets definitely won't be done, and the fence isn't done. BUT it will be so much easier for Tom to finish those things up when he actually lives there. AND I am fed up with commuting for an hour twice a day.

We'll lose touch for a bit while we get new email set up. So in the meantime stop sending any mail to the tamott at alltel dot net address and I'll email you all with the new address. We still have our cell phones, so you can reach us. :)