Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Long time- no post

Whew! We've been really busy the last several days!

First and foremost, the closing went just fine on Friday! Everything is done and we own our own home!

Now for all the work! Tom has pulled off all the panelling in the den and living room. He has to sheetrock one wall and then joint compound everything and paint it. He is stripping the kitchen cabinets and sealing them (they're real wood), and then he has to fix the fence up to hold the dogs and have it come around to the side door (so we can just open the door to let them out in the fenced yard). All in all he says he can have it done in 2 weeks. THEN will come the moving! But it's all very worth it! I can't wait to be moved in and not have such a long commute!

Tom's dad was out of town and using the digital camera he has been letting us borrow. That's the reason for the lack of photos lately. I can't wait to start snapping away again! Nicky is just getting so ready to crawl! Starting last Friday he began sitting up on his own. We didn't actually see it happen till Saturday, but JM saw it when babysitting on Friday (and didn't know it was new) and my mom saw it when watching Nicky at the new house on Saturday (and didn't know it was new). I finally saw it Saturday night when he was in his crib and I came in to check on him to find him sitting up! I laid him back down and he just kept sitting back up. Silly boy! He didn't care how tired he was, he wanted to practice this new skill!

Surely crawling can't be far behind! I can't wait till we can be in the new house and Nicky will be able to play right on the floor in the den (it'll be a dog-free zone). He's going to love it!

I suppose that's all the news right now. Hopefully I'll be uploading pics and movies again soon!