Monday, October 16, 2006

New milestones at every turn!

Nicky's got a new face! It just cracks everyone up!

He's also trying like crazy to crawl and to pull himself up in his crib! We actually had to take him out of his crib Saturday night and move his mattress down. I had come back into his room after filling his vaporizer and his little head was poking up above the rail! Well I called in Daddy and Nana and we all decided it was time to move the mattress down. We went ahead and moved it all the way to the bottom. Now it looks like the poor little fella is in jail!

We worked on the house all weekend. Nana, Liz and Jodi all came to help. Jessie even made it over on Sunday! Liz and I finished texturizing the living room walls (man is my hand SORE!) while Tom and Jodi ripped out the old paneling from one wall in the den and hung sheetrock. I think we're going to just paint over the other 3 walls of paneling in the den. They're covering concrete, and that would be a real pain to deal with. We just want to get moved in already! There's a movie on the movie page that shows the living room walls. I think it's going to look pretty neat!

Nicky's other new thing is talking! He's trying so hard to talk! I swear he says Mama now, I even have a video up on the movie page that proves it! I don't know that he knows what he's saying yet, but he's trying! We're past the growling for the most part and into lots of other sounds. He's just talking up a storm!