Monday, September 25, 2006

Growl Tiger!

Nicky has a new thing. It started last week. He'll be playing in his exersaucer or his carseat, or just about anywhere, chewing on something, or not, and start growling. Tom's caught him on audiotape a few times. I finally borrowed Tom's dad's camera again so I could try to catch him on video for you. I have it up in Nicky's Movies. I think it's just precious!
Well, things have certainly been hopping here! I've been fairly preoccupied, first Tom was sick, then Nicky was sick, then we're doing the house buying thing, and Jessie got mugged, Tom's mom came for a visit, and now my mom and Liz are coming up. Whew! I'm working up a storm too. Several days I've been at work until well after 6pm, sometimes it's 7pm before I leave! Ick! But hopefully soon we'll be in a new house and things will settle down. (And Gayle, you're first on my list to invite over when we move in!)
We close on the house THIS FRIDAY at 11:30! I'm so excited I could puke! Really. Well, hopefully not actually puke, but I'm pretty darn worked up about it all!

Tom just went by the house today and saw the new carpet and the new vinyl in the kitchen, dining room, laundry room, AND the bathroom! We have a new front door, new paint, and I just can't wait! We're supposed to make an appointment to view the house on Thursday for a walkthrough. I'm ready! I can't believe it's finally so close!

The really funny thing is that Tom's dad is going out of town and needs the camera for a few days. So you'll just have to be patient to see new photos. We might be able to get some crappy ones with Tom's phone, but since it's dark in there I don't think they'd come out.
Speaking of photos, I have few up today. I went out Sunday for the FIRST time ever with Nicky and without Tom! Just me and Nicky! For several hours! We left at 12:30pm and didn't get home until nearly 8! WOW!
At work I'm a member of a yarn group. We do knitting and crocheting every friday together and help each other. Well mostly we amateurs get help from our really knowledgeable members. LOL! Anyway, we've all been knitting (roughly) 6 inch squares for a few months now and we got together a few of us on Sunday to sew them together. We had a basic "green" theme to follow. But the interpretations on "green" were quite interesting. ;) I think we all had our doubts, but when we put it together it looked quite nice! We're having a raffle for it and donating the money to charity. I'm going to buy several tickets though. I'd really like to win it! Here's a photo of it before they crocheted an edge around it in a turquoise green:

I did take a few photos of Nicky at the Sunday gathering, and this one is my favorite. I know it's washed out, but look at those beautiful eyes!


Anonymous said...

I have to say this is the most beautiful, intelligent baby I have ever seen! He should be in pictures. He is cuter than most of the babies that are used in baby ads. What a lucky family.