Thursday, September 14, 2006

House-buying going well so far!

The Front

The Back

We're still doing all the things you do when buying a house. We've secured homeowners insurance now and just have tons of paperwork to sift through. The exterior paint job on the house is nearly done. I have new pictures of it in the photobucket account. Click on the new link to the right. It will take you directly into the new folder I made on the Photobucket site: House Photos.

I also have interior pics that Tom took during the house inspection. Remember the walls and ceiling are being painted and all the carpet will be replaced. We'll have to replace the kitchen and bathroom floors ourselves and take down the paneling and fake brick in the living room though. I can't wait!

We also have a closing date of September 29th. That's the date we're aiming for! Wish us luck!

I also put up some adorable pics I took with Tom's camera phone of Nicky in the cart in the grocery store. He had a good time! Once we put the papertowels next to him he was sitting up really well! I guess we'll just have to buy papertowels every visit.