Thursday, January 05, 2006

First Baby Shower!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day at work!

First let me just tell you what I did Tuesday! On the first day back after the holidays I was cleaning up my files on the server. You know, deleting all those old files I never use and won't need again. A fresh, organized folder all ready for the new year. Well there was this file, archive.pst, that hadn't been updated since Nov.2004! Wow that's old! I must not need it right? I deleted it before my brain finished processing that thought. Then I realized what that file was and went to check in Outlook to make sure all my archived emails were there. GONE! Every email I'd archived since last March when I got this new computer were gone! Of course I tried going to my recycle bin so I could restore the file, but it wasn't there!!!Arghhh! I spent about an hour researching the problem but could only find answerless pleas from other poor souls who had done the same thing. Oh crap! Well I finally gave in and sent an email to our systems folks. And guess what! The next day they were able to reset my archive.pst file from a backup. Whew! Saved by the bell! I hearby solemnly swear I will never ever delete an archive.pst file again!

So Wendnesday, after a rocky start that began with me throwing up right after my morning shower, ugh, the day got tons better when my emails were restored. After getting to work, I talked to several faculty members about e-Reserves and made them deleriously happy; that's always nice. Set up some tentative dates for 4 workshops on e-Reserves, and basically got lots done. Then I had my first baby shower!

Two of my male coworkers are expecting in February and with me due in March we had a triple shower put on by our department. It was so fun! Of course being a library we all got tons of books, which was awesome! And we even got some cute little outfits and other stuff too. I'll have to take some pictures this evening to show you all. Anyway, just had to share my excitement! I felt so special yesterday having so many people there to celebrate Nicky's upcoming arrival. Also both my male coworkers who are expecting were able to bring thier wives and Tom was able to come too, so that was extra fun! I think usually showers are all female, but I think this was so much better having both sexes there, as both guests and prospective parents.

Hopefully today will be just as fun. It's not off to a great start again, I haven't puked, but this morning I woke up around 4am completely stuffed up and since I couldn't breath using my CPAP mask I had to get up. I've found that without my CPAP lately, even if I'm sitting up, or lying on my side, I stop breathing really badly with my sleep apnea. So, no mask= no sleep. Bummer. I got up and had breakfast and some hot tea with a sudafed and benadryl. And just this second my nose unclogged. Sigh. Too late to go back to bed even though I'm already pooped.

I have my second Glucose Tolerance Test this morning right at 8am. That takes one hour at the lab while I drink the orange sugar thing and wait one hour for my blood draw. Hopefully it will come back good again this time. They tested me around 20 weeks last time since I'm at high risk for Gestational Diabetes, so they wanted to do one more now just to make sure I'm still good. Cross your fingers for me!