Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OMG it's FULL!

I filled up my photobucket account! I went to put up four new videos tonight and got an error because I have reached my 1GB limit! I'm in shock!

Ok, I have two options. Either I start up another album, or I start deleting some of the old videos. I don't want to delete stuff that's still watched, but are there some I can delete? Mom, you know I'm asking you right? LOL! What do you want me to keep online? I have all these on my own computer so they won't be gone forever, but unless you've somehow saved them on your computer you wouldn't be able to see them if I delete them. Do you still watch the really old ones?

I did get up some new pictures though. So check those out.

AND today Nicky's 2nd tooth came in! Woohoo! He's got two now! Go Nicky! I didn't hold him down for a photo this time, but I do have a picture of the way it looked Sunday. It was right under the gum, you could really see it in that picture. Oh, let me post the pic here:


Anonymous said...

Hey Angela- why dont you back the old movies up on a disk and send them to Grandma so she can watch them whenever she wants?

Just a thought!

Love you,

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe he only has 2 teeth! What a little cutie :D

Happy Birthday (if a little early) Nicky!

~Teresa and Glenn

Angela Mott said...

I know it! Only two little teeth for his first birthday. He must have put all his energy into growing. I can't wait to get him weighed and measured on Monday. He must weigh a ton!