Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Month of Birthdays has begun

Nicky's birthday is fast approaching. AND today is Tom's birthday! Happy Birthday Tom!

Tom is very impressed that I actually remembered his birthday this year. Usually I forget unless he specifically reminds me, which usually he does every day for a few weeks up until his birthday. But this year he was peculiarly silent about it and I remembered anyway! Yay me! Nicky and I made him some nice cards and he's getting a computer game he's been wanting for a while. I think that will keep him pretty happy. Hopefully it won't interfere too much with his finishing up his degree though. Ahem.

Anyway, for Nicky's birthday we'll be just having a little get together with burgers and hotdogs and a cake. Lucky Nicky has his first birthday on a Saturday this year, so we'll actually celebrate ON the day. How fun! Right now the plan is to keep it small and cheap since he won't remember this anyway and we don't want to completely overwhelm him, but you know how it goes. We want to get him a mylar balloon of course since he is STILL loving his Valentine's Day balloon. And maybe some streamers would be good...and the cake might need some kind of decorations...and maybe some plates...see what I mean?


Anonymous said...

I remembered Tom's birthday this morning and will send him an email card for sure. Please give him a big Birthday hug and kiss from me!:)
Well, I am trying to enjoy today. Tomorrow will not be any fun for sure.:o! Hopefully this will do it and I can get on with my life again.
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :) :) ;)
p.s. I love that Nicky and Elmo toy
movie---I love watching that movie again and again --it lightens my heart with laughter!