Thursday, July 27, 2006


Blech. That's my typical response about my birthday. Yes today is the official day. On this day in 1973 I graced the world with my presence. That makes me 29 years old. I don't care if you did the math, IT'S 29! Of course I've been 29 since 2000, all the better to fuzzy-up the whole thing. I figure the only person I really have to fool is myself. And I have.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store for cream and tea and stopped by the bakery. I picked out a nice cake and had them write Happy Birthday Angela on it for me. I didn't mention that I WAS Angela though. Tom and I had a wonderful dinner (therefore it's obvious he cooked it) and then had cake. I think I'll be eating cake for a few weeks. But then again Jessica is coming over again tonight probably, so I'll be lucky if I get any more at all...

I actually think I wouldn't mind just not having anymore birthdays, but then again, it could be fun again once Nicky is old enough to get excited about birthdays. I guess that actually might be next year! He'll be almost 1 1/2 next July, so he should be getting into stuff like that. Maybe this year will be my last apathetic birthday for a while then.

Tonight Tom and I are going out to dinner. Nicky will be with us because we love going places with him! Everything is more fun with a Nicky. :) This weekend my mom and Liz will be coming to visit. It's been a while since they were here so they are having major Nicky-withdrawls. I anticipate lots of cuddles and giggles going on in my house over the weekend. AND lots of photos to post next week!


Jessica said...

It depends it a big cake?
Just kidding I promise not to eat all of it. For the record you WEREN'T 29 IN 2000 you were really ONLY 27! You're not that old! Cause if you were I'd be getting you the birthday cards that make fun of your age.