Sunday, September 02, 2007

New videos and pics. Crappy, but new.

Well we still don't have a working real camera, but Tom's old cellphone can take little movies and pictures, so we actually have a few movies and pics for you! The quality stinks, but for those of you missing the Nicky these are pretty cute.

Yesterday Donna and I were at the grocery store when Tom called us. He and Nicky had been playing in Nicky's room when Nicky pulled his old dragon costume (that he wore last year for his first Halloween) out of the "things I've outgrown" box. He brought it over to Tom and so Tom put it on him to see how it fit. It actually still fits! Tom ran for his cellphone camera and snapped a few photos and this movie. I guess we're set for Halloween this year already!

Now today Nicky was being really stubborn and NOT taking a nap. No morning nap at all, and we were trying to get him calmed down for an afternoon nap (I was certainly feeling like a nap!) but instead he decided to work on his spinning. This is one of his new favorite things and has resulted in a carpet burn on his nose and a scrape on his forehead from falling down once he gets really dizzy. Silly boy.

So there you have it. Some new Nicky-cuteness, good quantity but yet REALLY crappy quality. But we'll take what we can get till Santa brings us a new camera.


Beck said...

When my camera died, I went into a two-week long panic because THE CUTENESS, IT WAS NOT BEING CAPTURED!

Jodi said...

Thanks for your comment on Jodifur. I just added a link to you.