Monday, June 08, 2009

Three Dry Nights

That's now three dry nights, the last two in underwear. I think my boy is DONE with diapers!

So what are we gonna do now?

We're going to Disney World!

Really! We're going this Thursday after work, staying at the Fort Wilderness Lodge and then we have park hopper tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We went ahead and got the meal plan too so we don't have to worry about food much. And we already made reservations for dinners too.

I'm so excited!

Nicky's Nana is coming with us and his Grandma and Grandpa are going to meet us there Thursday and go with us Friday. I can't wait to see the new Animal Kingdom. And of course I can't wait to see Nicky when he first sees the Magic Kingdom. He's already getting excited about it.

Now I just need a map that shows every single restroom on it. We did have two accidents yesterday morning. One when he was too busy eating breakfast and just forgot. And one while he was playing in his room and forgot. But then we just changed and Nicky and I left the house around 12:30. We first stopped at a gas station because Nicky said he had to go potty. He didn't end up going though, but he tried. We went ahead and pumped gas there too (they were more expensive, but they had REALLY nice restrooms and so I threw business their way and told them why). Then we had lunch at Sonny's bbq and Nicky did go potty there.

Then we went for a haircut! We'd talked the night before about it, and he said he wanted to get one. I took him to the same place that did his first haircut. He let the lady do the trimmers around the sides to cut off a lot of the hair, but started getting squirmy when she was doing the scissors. And then just was not going to let her do the trimming around the ears and neck at all. So he's still a little woolly around the edges, but I'll do that in bits at home later. It looks very nice! (And it's not shaved.) I'll take a photo for you soon.

Then we went to the playground because the weather was still holding. It looked like rain, but it wasn't coming down yet, and he'd been cooped up indoors just about every day for 3 weeks with all the rain we've had, even at school where they usually get to go outside a lot.

It was hot, but the park has some shade from nice tall pines and Nicky had a ball running around with the other kids. We stayed for about 2 hours I think. We walked to the restrooms that were FAR away from the playground, but Nicky didn't go there. He did try though. We also found out they have a big pool with a huge waterslide. We watched through the fence and Nicky was very interested. I think we'll have fun at the pool Thursday night at the lodge. We really must get Nicky into swimming lessons this summer. It's definitely time!

So then we headed home and stopped at the grocery store on the way. Nicky tried twice to go potty there, but no go. He waited till we got home and then went in the little potty. He's doing so good! I'm so proud of him!

He started his new class today. He was the 5th kid there this morning and we met the other teacher. Nicky didn't cry at all, he looked happy when we left. He's growing up so fast.

Good thing he still enjoys being rocked to sleep at night. I'm not quite ready for him to be totally independent!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "milestone" share!
Nicky! Way to go!!! Aren't big-boy pants the greatest!!!
So happy to hear about your awesome Disney vacation plans----know you'll will have a fantastic time there.
Looking so forward to seeing the cute pics and videos from there.
Love you bunches and butterflies and lady bugs, horses and hummingbirds and Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck too :)
xxxoooMom/Grammie :)

jodifur said...

that was our potty training reward too!