Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flushing toilets, climbing and more teeth coming

I just wanted to put up some updates in general.

First Nicky taught himself how to flush the toilet. I believe he figured this out on Friday morning while I was getting ready to take a shower. It might be time to get one of those toilet lid locks. At least he's not afraid of the toilet though.

Second, Nicky is quickly learning how to climb. The highest he's gotten is to climb up and stand on his rocking chair to reach the windowsill for one of his books we put up there. Tom got a pic of him, but he'd already sat down in the chair:

And Third, his one tooth is coming in nicely but there's another coming in soon. We can see the white of the tooth next to it but it's not up through the gums quite yet we think. I captured some very awful photos of it today.

I think that covers the Nicky updates. He's still trying to talk, but we're not quite there yet. I took a movie today of him playing peekaboo behind his sippy cup and I'm pretty sure he said Dada and Nana among other babbles. You'll have to judge for yourselves.

I'm trying to stay busy and keep my mind off the upcoming surgery. I'll be glad when it's all over. I'll try to update on here so that everyone can check one spot. The surgery starts at 1pm and I'm not sure when we'll be home. JM is staying with Nicky at home that day and Tom will be with me. I'm supposed to be home that same day.

Tom and his mom went shopping today. They brought me some planters and flowers and I spent the afternoon planting. We were going to make them window boxes but we decided it would look better to have longer and thinner ones for the windows so they're just around the front door. It was a fun activity though and brightens up the front stoop.

I also got creative and moved some furniture around. I decided we needed a mail/bill center in the living room so I moved the baker's rack into the living room. It makes more room in the dining room and gives me a spot to sort the mail and organize bills and stuff. Now I just have to actually do the organizing. Aw well it'll keep me busy tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Nice flower boxes, Angie!!! Perfect compositions----great job!!!
Really enjoyed the movie of Nicky with his toy will be such fun to play with him and give him moving toys in the future. What a nice change from Barbie dolls, my little ponies, Strawberry Shortcake and cabbage patch kids...remember!!!
It is so much fun now
having a grandson----can't wait to have some cool times playing fun stuff and reading to him next time around. Remember how cute he was kissing that "Daddy" bird in his talking book? He is so smart!!!
You are in my constant prayers, Angie. Regarding tomorrow's operation......just know I am visualizing my arms lovingly around you comforting you back to complete health...always, always in my mind and heart
xxxoooMom:) :) :)