Thursday, February 01, 2007

We have TOOTH!

You heard right! Nicky is finally getting a TOOTH! We're as shocked as anyone. We were starting to research baby dentures, but now I guess we can spend the tax return on something more glamorous.

After Nicky's bath tonight I was able to sneak a peek and sure enough his bottom front left tooth is starting to come through. You can actually feel the top of the tooth if you move your finger side to side on his gums there. I can't believe it! It must have been the steak I gave him for dinner. ;)

I had to put him down for bed, but as soon as I can I'll get a picture up here. Should be sometime this weekend.

How exciting! A tooth!


Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! Finally a tooth to help him with those "big" chunks of food you all have been giving him.
By the way, if Nicky is Blood type A, like I suspect, then steak(beef)and chicken are very much avoid foods for him. Turkey, lamb, and fish are excellent for him though. His Momma on the otherhand needs beef especially in her diet. Liz and I have info and books coming your way very soon.
Best thing though for we O's is to get off wheat and dairy---------really makes you feel so much better and starts the weight moving off without the raging hunger factor.
Oh, well---I had better get off my
soapbox and just tell you all how happy I am to know little Nicky is going to get his first tooth!
Love you all bunches and bunches!
xxxoooMom/Grandmomma :)

Angela Mott said...

Well he had chicken, brocolli, carrots, summer squash and zuchinni for dinner along with some crackers and sesame breadstick thingys, and whole milk. We got him the broiled chicken kids meal at the restaurant tonight but subbed in the steamed veggies for the fries. He did great!

Tomorrow we'll try to get a picture of the tooth. I'm not sure if the camera can do it, but we'll try!

We're also going to try to get his hair cut this weekend. I'll get a movie of it if we do!