Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I have a date

Well, not that kind of date.

I have a date for the gall bladder surgery. I go in on February 19th for all the pre-op and hospital registration and then the surgery is the 20th at 1pm. I go in to the hospital at 11:30am and then the surgery takes about an hour. They said I'll probably go home the same day. I hope so. I'm not too worried yet, because it seems like it's a ways off, but there was one thing that freaked me out a bit. I knew it was three small incisions up near the ribs for the laproscopy, but I thought that was one for the gas, one for the camera and one for the instrument. Well apparently it's for the instruments and the gas, but the camera goes through your belly button!!! Yikes! I really am just freaked out whenever I think about that. Eeeww! So I won't think about that today. I'll go crazy if I do. I'll think about it tomorrow. **10 points if you can pinpoint that reference ;)**

Nicky is still his normal cute self. I didn't notice any fussiness today, so hopefully his teeth aren't bugging him. He just looks so cute with his new haircut. I took some movies of him tonight having naked spaghetti. Well, he WAS wearing a bib and a diaper, but nothing else. He gets INTO his spaghetti. :)


Anonymous said...

Well...Scarlet? I wish their was some other way to deal with your gall-bladder problems...but if this is the best path... rest assured you have wonderful doctors and hospitals in Gainesville.
If possible, I will come up and be with you at the time of your surgery for sure.
I love you so much...please don't worry, just pray with your super positivity with Liz and I for your swift recovery and healing.
xxxoooMom :)
Watch the mail--a special book of info is coming your way to help you through this next pregnancy--that is if I can get Liz to stop reading and re-reading
it long enough to mail it!!!:O