Monday, May 31, 2010

My THREE kids

Me and my three kids.

me and my 3 kids


That photo was taken Friday May 28th. I'm still not sure it has really sunk in that I actually have THREE children now. I expect it will hit me once the girls and I finally go home. For the last 10 days it's been kind of like being in another world here at the hospital and NICU.

So yes. We're still here. Although rumor has it we might get to go home Monday or Tuesday. We have the carseats here where the nurses will put them in and monitor them to make sure they can tolerate the positioning of a carseat for the ride home. They received their Hep B vaccines tonight. They haven't had a brady since last Monday, so really we're just waiting for them to both show consistent weight gains. Gabi has, but Lily has at least one more gain to go as I understand it. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

But I think we're ready.

Once out of the bili lights, the girls have been able to share a bassinet. That's Gabi on the left. Looks like she likes it:

Nicky holding Gabi:

Nicky holding Lily:


Big Ole Pregnant Lady said...

Hey Angela! Any word if the girls are coming home today or tomorrow? You must be excited (and nervous if you're anything like me). My twin Jareth had brady but the NICU's magic number is 3 days - 3 days no brady he can go home.

I know what you mean about not believing you have 3 kids. Well, I have two but I still can't believe it. I think that it's funny every time I say "my sons".

Get some rest! My sons (lol) were in the hospital for 10 and 12 days and I was exhausted by the time they came home.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting those videos! Nicky is so cute with his baby sisters, he will be such a great big brother. I hope you get to take them home today! It looks like they both like to be swaddled, that will keep them from scratching and hitting each other by accident when they are in the same crib, huh? I can't wait to come up and see them, classes are DONE, I'll be there next weekend.
Love you all some much-all FIVE of you!
(Plus Mom while you have her)
Aunt Liz