Saturday, May 01, 2010

Recalls out the wazoo...again!

Tom just sent me this link about a new recall of children's medicines. It's a very inclusive list! We have two of these I have been giving Nicky: one daily! and one this last week when he ran a fever. If you have kids, please read the article and the statement from the company.

While reading up on this I also found there have been recent (this week) recalls of more cribs. Hope none of you are affected by this one! Thank goodness we didn't go for any of these.

And one more on Graco highchairs: (this one was last month) We haven't bought highchairs yet, but these aren't the ones we registered for. Phew!

What a pain. Like we don't have enough to worry about??!!

Could we just please PAY FREAKING ATTENTION to the products we're making people? Especially when they're for kids?!

Oh and for anyone who hasn't gotten the memo... lead paint is still bad. Please don't use it. If I have to buy freaking lead testing kits to test all the twins' toys I'll just have to start giving them sticks and rocks to play with or something.