Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still pregnant!

Well, before my appointment yesterday we made sure that I had my bags packed for the hospital. I was hoping it would be like good juju against going in to have them without my OB there. We found out he was out of town yesterday so I didn't want to have to have them until he returned and could do the c-section you know.

It worked.

Everything's still closed up. The babies hadn't really moved all morning though, and so the OB sent us down to Labor and Delivery for a non-stress test. Basically they just set up the monitors and try to get a good 20 minutes of each baby's heartbeat to make sure they're ok. Of course they started bopping around like crazy once the monitors were strapped on. They have a heck of a time trying to locate the heartbeats and stay on them though. The appointment was at 1:10. We left after 4pm sometime. I was so exhausted when I got home!

This is what 35 weeks and 3 days looks like when you're about to have an NST and aren't sure if this will be "it" or not.

Yeah, I made Tom take that, just in case they rushed us into a c/s right from the NST. I wasn't taking any chances!

My bag packing is so much simpler than last time with Nicky. With Nicky I was expecting to go natural and un-medicated (well, pain meds anyway) and so I had a long list of everything I could think of as diversions and labor aids. Extra pillows, birth ball, music, computer, knitting, etc. Of course I barely used any of them. Except the music, but I could have saved a lot of room by just having Vivaldi's CD instead of the giant book of CDs I brought. All I wanted to listen to were violins at Nicky's birth.

But this time I know I'm going in for a c-section. So I don't expect them to let me labor much, if at all. Also, this time Tom won't room in with me, he'll have to go home to be with Nicky, so he can certainly bring me anything I need. And I have a better idea of what they provide at the hospital too.

So this is my list for my hospital bags and it all fit in two bags plus my purse:
CPAP bag:
CPAP machine, mask, hose and power supply
nasal gel, chapstick, medicines, toothpaste
notebook, advance directive, deck of cards (well it fit, so I left them in there)

Laptop bag:
Laptop, mouse, power supply
camera, cord, extra batteries
cell phone charger

List of people to call when in labor
Calendar planner
Cell phone

That's it. Of course I have my makeup and other things in my purse, but other than wanting to add in a comb and deodorant in there somewhere I think that's all I'm taking.

I do have a going home outfit for me all ready in my closet for Tom to grab when he comes to bring me home, and I or Tom will pick out going home outfits for the girls once we know their sizes. But other than that I think I'm set. I don't worry about a toothbrush, pajamas, undies or socks/slippers because the hospital provides those Although maybe I'll have Tom pick up one of those small shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant kits they have for a few dollars though. Just to use right before coming home. They do provide soap and stuff, but it's not the good stuff.

So anyway, we're heading to the OB, my OB, this Thursday. I'll be a day shy of 36 weeks and we're supposed to be revisiting the induction date then. We'll see what he says.