Saturday, May 08, 2010

34 weeks

As of yesterday, we're 8.5 months or 34 weeks pregnant! Can you believe we've gotten this far with twins? Thursday we had our BPP ultrasound and OB appointment. I was expecting to get new measurements, but the tech said we get them every THIRD visit, so not till next week. OY! That was a disappointment. I was hoping to hear how big they were since 2 weeks ago they were getting close to 5 lbs each. By next week they might be closer to 6! They were measuring 2 weeks ahead last time, so if that holds true then they'd be now about the size of 36 weekers. Sheesh!

But the babies both look good and they even still have room to move in there. In fact they both moved (Wednesday night I think) to be side by side with their heads up and feet down. Both breech. And both facing backwards so that we couldn't get any photos of them. Baby A is kind of behind Baby B a bit too. Good thing I'm having a c-section, otherwise I'd be all kinds of worried since neither of them seem interested in being head down in there lately!

The OB was happy with how everything is going. I've spent this week working from home with my feet up, and it really shows! I actually lost 3 pounds since last week, and I'm pretty sure that was all below my knees. I am still quite anemic though. Numbers were lower again this week at a 9.7 hematocrit. That's after the iron transfusion in March, B12 shots, which I'm still doing weekly, and oral iron supplements. Guess I'm just going to have to wait till after the babies and then I can have some blood for myself for a change!

So mostly I've been tired, it's been harder to breath since Thursday morning (due to their new positions I think), and moving is getting really uncomfortable. Can you see why?

34 weeks 1 day

I'm getting a bit nervous about when these girls might decide to show up though. I had a deal with them to just let me get through my presentation Friday (which I did!) and then they are free to pick whatever time they want. They should be plenty big enough to do really well on the outside. I would hope they'd wait till we get our summer financial aid, that would just make it easier financially, but whatever happens happens.

I have made arrangements for my mother to come up soon though. I definitely need her to be here for the birth as our plan is similar to last time: once the babies arrive, Tom is to stay with the babies and send my mother in to me in the recovery room. It helped to know she was there last time. So she's actually coming up here this Tuesday. That should give her a little time to help us get the finishing touches done for getting the house organized too.

Speaking of getting organized, I think I said before that I've been making lists. Well we finally got our master bedroom closet organized! It was a nightmare in there. But it's all set now, and my bags and bags of knitting and crocheting projects are now all organized in shoe boxes in the top of my closet. I went ahead and THREW AWAY some yarn. (which now I feel guilty about, so will probably pull out and add to the give-away pile instead) It was acrylic and I just hate the feel of it. I know darn well I'll never knit with it. I'm really partial to the cotton yarn and so I think I'll make sure to stick with only buying yarn I LOVE the color AND the feel of from now on.

Classes for summer start this week coming up too. Maybe I'll work at getting a little ahead in those in anticipation of the birth coming up. Or maybe I'll just keep reading through the twilight series again. It took me a few days, but I finally gave in and re-read Twilight. Now I'm working on New Moon again. I think we loaned out out copy of Eclipse though, so I might wait on that. Plus I'd hate to reread it right before seeing the movie anyway. It always ruins the movie if you remember too much about how it's "supposed" to go. I wonder if we'll be able to get a sitter and the energy to go out to see it in the theaters this summer. That would be nice!


Michelle said...

Great job on getting so far with twins Angela!!! How exciting these next few weeks are going to be :)

Angela said...

Definitely! Luckily my mom has just arrived in town so she'll be here to help out before, during and even a little after the birth.

Now I just have to wait!