Tuesday, May 04, 2010

About that OB appointment last week

So last week Thursday, Nicky was sick and we had no one to watch him. So we decided the only real option was to leave him home with Tom and I drove myself to my appointments. We were a little nervous about this. I've only driven twice since January, and the last time was to take Nicky to that birthday party in February. But I managed to fit behind the wheel, barely, and did a pretty good job of it.

The hardest part was walking from the parking garage to the doctor's office lobby. There was no way I could wheel myself, and definitely no way I could lift the wheelchair in and out of the trunk even if I could. So I had to walk. There is never any handicapped parking available there. Well, except when we go to L&D in the middle of the night. So I parked as close to the elevator as I could on the 2nd floor of the parking garage.

I made it to the lobby and sat for a rest a bit. Then headed up to the ultrasound for our weekly BPP. The tech was very complimentary and said I looked better and better every time she saw me. So maybe that walk did manage to put some color in my cheeks.

No measurements that day, but both babies did all their tricks and scored 8/8 points on their tests. The first thing she saw was that Baby B (Gabi) has a LOT of hair! You could see it floating all around her head. Nicky had a lot of hair for a baby, so looks like Gabi will follow in his footsteps.

Now, Gabi was still transverse (side to side) with her head to my right. She was facing straight forward, so we managed to get some frontal facial pictures of her. Check them out!

Can you see her?
Baby B 32 weeks 6 days- do you see her?

How about now?
Baby B 32 weeks 6 days- now can you see?

What a face! And this is just a regular ultrasound, not a 3D!
Baby B 32 weeks 6 days- look at that cute face!

We are so excited about these images. It's so neat to see her little face!

Baby A (Lily) was no longer head down though. She has moved to be transverse also, but with her head to my left. She was facing straight down though, so no good images of her this time.

You'd think they'd be head to foot, but there was one angle with the wand where she could show their heads right next to each other, so I figure they might be in more of an X position in there somehow. It's good that I'm having a planned c-section because I don't have to stress at all about what position they are in!

After the ultrasound, it was time for my OB visit. I headed down the hall for that and everything went well. My iron levels are STILL low. Not much improvement at all yet. So much for the magical B12 injections huh. Not sure what we'll do about this. At least they weren't lower though.

My weight is up now a total of 63 pounds. Yeesh. I'm trying not to worry about it. I know I'm eating well. I have to because of the gestational diabetes. So I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it'll all come off once I have the babies and return to Weight Watchers. Two healthy babies will be worth every extra pound I have to lose.

My OB was very happy with my glucose levels by the way. I'm doing really well on the 28 units of insulin.

Also, I should soon have a new CPAP machine! My OB wrote the script for an APAP, which is a CPAP machine that can be set to Auto where it will increase as needed if I have apnea events. Instead of being set to a single pressure it can be set to a range of pressures and auto adjust to your needs. I can't wait! I'm supposed to pick it up next Monday. It was actually supposed to be today, but I swear my DME people don't know their ear from their elbow.

After the OB, I walked back down to the lobby, rested and then back to the car. Then I drove to the diabetic counselor. She was very happy with my numbers too. Although she did say my after dinner numbers could be better. It appears that bread just really increases the heck out of my blood sugars, so I should try to avoid that at dinner.

After the diabetic counselor I headed out to the lobby to rest and called Tom. He'd been trying to call me while I was in the office with her. Turns out that his mom, Nicky's Nana, had just gotten a call about the biopsy she'd just had the day before. It was positive for breast cancer. The good news is that it's small, and they've caught it very early. It's not an aggressive form, in fact they advised her to go ahead with her 2 week trip to visit her daughter (Aunt Maryellen) even. But even so, it IS cancer, and she's understandably very shaken. She can use everyone's prayers.

I managed to drive myself home and was very proud of myself for having done the whole afternoon of appointments on my own.

However once was plenty and I'd like to make sure my chauffeur is around for the duration now. He did have to go up to Tallahassee the next day for an overnight stay though. I let him because he was graduating with his masters degree! Yahoo! He's done with school! Well, until he gets into Law School that is. He's thinking that will be his next move. He's hoping to get a job in an academic library with a law school so that he can go for free, which would be all sorts of awesome. Free is good.

While he was gone, my sister and her partner (Aunt Liz and Aunt Jodi) came to babysit me. It was a great visit! Jodi did a ton of work around the house, including the floors, the laundry, the lawn AND washing all four dogs (we have Nana's dog, Peanut, staying with us for a few weeks). It was awesome! She said it was for Tom's graduation gift, but it was gift for me too! Liz kept me company, watched Nicky a lot and did dishes too. It was great, I didn't have to do a thing!

They had to go home Sunday, but now my mom will be coming up on about the 15th. I'm getting antsy about the babies coming and I want to make sure she's here when they do! Our plan is the same as with Nicky's birth. Tom is to stay with the babies after they're born and send my mom to stay with me in the recovery room. So I need her here when everything starts happening. Only one contraction today actually, so I don't think it's imminent, but I'm getting very "nesty" lately and since I can't DO anything physically I'm planning and making lists and stuff like crazy. I just want everything in position ready to go... like now!

Cause you never can tell what babies are going to do. Especially when there are TWO of them!


Big Ole Pregnant Lady said...

I LOVE those u/s pics! And the one of the baby's face...priceless! We haven't had a very good picture in about 8 weeks. They're just too squished in there and I haven't requested any. Next time, though, I'm asking to see if they see any hair :)

So sorry to hear about your husband's mom. Sending you and her my best wishes.

Oh, and I haven't driving since March 8th (but who's counting?). I wonder if I would fit behind the wheel. That's awesome that you managed to fit...I don't know what I would do w/o my chauffeur!

Angela said...

LOL, all I can say is it's a darn good thing I have very long legs and arms! Reaching around this belly is a challenge for sure.

Lacey said...

I can't get over those amazing pictures! That sweet little face! It's as clear as a regular photograph.